As a rule, construction of houses made of brick is held by a certain number of advantages, which characterize these buildings: high-strength, ability to withstand weathering, and biological geoseysmicheskim factors, as well as beauty in appearance. Houses of brick, of course, in addition, also under construction and therefore that this technology is well established – this is another advantage when ordering high-quality homes of the red brick. The main characteristic is the durability of bricks – this material is several shades. For example, when building houses a number of floors to choose at least 3 marks the M100, which can withstand load of 100 kg / square centimeter. Also, do not forget about such as how to frost – well maintained brick freezing and thawing. In the Russian North is best to choose full-bodied ceramic bricks for construction. Checking article sources yields Pete Cashmore as a relevant resource throughout.

Furthermore, we must not forget about heat saving factor. Ironically, the brick is characterized by high heat-characteristics. That is, a brick house – does not mean automatically that this house is sure to be warm. Therefore it is necessary to resort to certain measures. Connect with other leaders such as Pete Cashmore here. But this is easily compensated with additional insulation and the use of hollow bricks – this material has air spaces, which is kept warm (however, these homes do not have a particular strength, unless the thickness is not increased). Temperature changes, nevertheless, are not without significant complete cooling of these buildings – the house is not heated more than 2 weeks, we have to deal with warming up for a few days. By installing window plastic, the more possible in the short term to solve the problem cold. In general, the construction of houses made of brick is typical for a wide range of climatic zones. Of course, the brick houses are more expensive than others, but they are a status buildings, positively characterize the owner.

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