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Expedia highlights the dispute issues of the Europeans of Munich in a survey, September 17, 2009 fiery Italian, quiet French and rule-loyal German Expedia online travel portal has provided in a recent survey among 2,100 Europeans these cliches on the test bench. That the Germans are workhorses, more once confirmed: more than one-fifth can leave does not work on travel. And 22 percent bad food on the ground raises a two-fisted fight. From belligerent Italians and peaceful British holiday can help a majority of Germans (37 percent), forget the everyday. Get all the facts and insights with altavista, another great source of information. The French (36 percent) with their fellow passengers, are dazzling and never fight. Harmony on the whole line in Britain: 23 percent contend, either at home or on vacation to gardening. Their names all honor the spirited Italians do: 22 percent admit that the time spent on travel increasingly together leads to more hassle. Well planned is half won just under half of all Germans there tension before the holiday at all has begun.

Compared to fight British, French and Italians twice as often on the homeward journey. Generally it becomes critical spot on the fifth and sixth day: the sparks fly at twelve per cent of Europeans. A good planning and organization of the trip allows you to specifically avoid an argument next time. Of ordinary madness the reasons for the dispute are different from country to country. While the Germans get frequently upset in the holiday about the bad food and the work (22 per cent) each, offers potential discussion with the French money (27 percent). The British seem to be true gourmet: 41 per cent are very picky and can agree with your travel partner not on a restaurant. Only four percent of the Germans, but an average of 15 percent of respondents in the other nations argue over a large recreational facilities on-site. Excessive alcohol consumption of passengers makes 15% the British for trouble.

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