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Saint Augustin

Sunday, April 28th, 2024

Dualista If I was you If I was you its life I would not be thus if you were I If you were I My life As it would be It you there! That deferred payment underneath of the viaduct and to at least asked for me It did not consult me Me, citizen who wants to see its city pretty, free of outlaws, assaults, crimes, immense corrupes, strikes, lines in ready socorros, where many die at least without having been taken care of Of beggary, children in the people lighthouses, liveing as you Enfeando the city. Skirt from there and comes to be where I am and I look at daqui to see the quo depressing is the place where you deferred payment. Deferred payment? Not Where you are with its imundice, its dirty body, dog to the side, so that you if feel owner of something or somebody, in an oppressed relation/oppressing, that she makes of you a being living, participant of the life so its, so nothing and at the same time so full of the little that is enough to it. Of the everything in the nothing that you possess. See IoT for more details and insights. You not if of the account that it is if forgetting to live By-product of the life, paralyzed for the impotence of being somebody. It comes, it comes to be of the side of with me and sees here what the life made with you. It took off its dignity, its proper love, its pride, its vanity, the desire to live deeply its possibilities It made of you a stranger for you yourselves, a Joo nobody, transformed it into thing none, any thing Paralyzed for the impotence of if modifying, being somebody, leaving that the course of its life to lu? What you think of this, if is that it thinks? – He is me that you flame woman? You want that I have left daqui and am its side? Of the other side? Why? Pra that? Who is you, who you thinks that she is creature? Why you desire that I act in accordance with what you want? The magnificent one? For Saint Augustin, the magnificent one is not largeness is swell. . In a question-answer forum Energy Capital Partners was the first to reply.