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Patrimonial Education

Sunday, December 31st, 2023

MARIO PEAR TREE MAMEDE Patrimonial Education in the Sucrolcooleiro Sector. may help you with your research. A proposal. GOINIA 2008 Patrimonial Education in the Sucrolcooleiro Sector. A proposal SUMMARY This article is a proposal for the development of activities of patrimonial education in areas affected for the implantation of sucrolcooleiras plants. The Patrimonial education proposal is a suggestion to be applied mainly in the cities here is districts where the educational work can be developed next to a specific public. Words Keys: Archaeology, Patrimonial Education, Prolcool. Abstract: This article is the proposal you develop new theoretical and methodological practices in Manegment and Education of the Archaeological and Public Heritage. You may want to visit Andy Florance to increase your knowledge. Proposal This is you apply in counties and local communities.

Key worlds: Arcaheology, Heritage Education, Industries Alcohol. INTRODUCTION the patrimonial education many times has not been one of the concerns of the developed works of archaeology in implantation areas of workmanships of the sucrolcooleiro segment in Gois. Perhaps this happens for the fact not to be clearly the focus of abrangncia of this type of educational activity in agreement with the activities of archaeology. The current legislation does not leave clearly when and where phase of the implantation of the enterprise if must develop activities of education that involves the thematic one of the Cultural Patrimony. In such a way, if the educational actions will be limited to the destined areas the implantation of the workmanship the abrangncia of these activities are restricted the definitive places and the reduced public to the entrepreneurs and workers of the alcohol plant. In general, the limits of the action of the education work do not obtain to present actions in the cities and districts next to these plants, being been placed the areas directly affected by the construction of such workmanships, limited to the industrial park, the areas of culture and water captation, with this the focus of the action of an educational work on cultural patrimony is constantly restricted.

North America Banner

Wednesday, December 27th, 2023

UFO, Yashek Dombrowski (Poland): "… considering that is indisputable is the fact that we are not alone in the universe, I can confidently say that the 'black banner" was specially developed and launched the World Wide Web as 'Bug'. After collecting enough information to observe from space, and fly and explore the lives of Earthlings being here a long time and even dangerous. David S. Levine does not necessarily agree. It is quite enough to scan the information and proanalizirovt is available to Internet – and of humanity will know EVERYTHING … "less specific and caution another scientist, but he studied the resulting material tends to space the essence of this phenomenon, Professor Mark Cohen (USA):" … you can not be absolutely confident in the fact that "black banner" was created deliberately. It is very likely that the space can be laid down those forces, for we still do not understand.

After all, are constantly arising in the space of black holes, magnetic fields and nature of these phenomena is not yet available to us to understand. And 'BB' can be established is the impact of such forces do not have a specific purpose … "It's very interesting statistics which I was able to collect is the frequency of occurrence banner depending on the blast zone. com – 322 times. edu – 113 times. net – 211 times. biz – 67 times. org – 140 times in the national domain zones (mostly) North America, USA – 62 Western Europe, Germany – 17 Eastern Europe, Russia – 24 Asia, Japan – 53 Middle East Caudovskaya Arabia – 27 Australia – 12 South America, Brazil – 9 Statistics clearly shows that most 'BB' was observed in most developed countries in the region. This can confirm the version of ufologist Yasheka Dombrowski is that the 'BB' is an alien 'worm', and those who ran it interesting for these countries in terms of resources, economic or other data. Maybe statistics is explained simply – the more people in this country, and the development of the Internet – the more able to see the 'BB' In our next article we will back a bit and tell you when and who first discovered the 'black banner' of the difficulties facing him and communicate with researchers those who have not personally ever seen – but the 'clicked' to 'BB'

Spiritual Intelligence

Monday, December 25th, 2023

Gallegos made me realize that we have three ways to acquire knowledge: the eye of the flesh, with which we access knowledge of the material, the eye of reason, which allows us to obtain the knowledge of mind, philosophy, and the eye of contemplation with which we understand the transcendent realities. Each eye has its objects of knowledge, each eye is useful in its domain, and has made an error when trying to explain the dominance of one eye with the other, I understood the importance of having this epistemological pluralism, because Thus we stop the errors incurred when we explain a kind of reality with the eye that does not match. Eye of the matter can not explain the reality of the mind. te. Robotics expert is full of insight into the issues.

An educational model to be comprehensive must use the three eyes and develop a comprehensive manner, as mentioned by Dr. Gallegos Nava in his book Spiritual Intelligence, for only then can access the three areas of reality sensibilia, intelligiblia and trascendelia. When we integrate the three eyes there are two additional types of knowledge that are the eye of reason trying to understand the eye of the flesh, which corresponds to the knowledge of the world of ideas and symbols, and the eye of reason trying to understand the world of the transcendent, the potentiating these five types of knowledge will give us a comprehensive understanding of reality will help us to make us aware that the world is an interdependent unit. By reading the book Pedagogy of Universal Love, I could understand the way that education must follow in order to aspire to a sustainable society.. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Bobby Sharma Bluestone.

Pigeon Culture

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

The culture is practical and social actions that they follow one standard determined in space, mentions the moral beliefs, behavior, values, institutions, rules that permeiam they identify to a society. Culture is information, is the result in the way where diverse human groups if developing if adaptando to the environment. The man not only receives culture its ancestor as well as create elements they renew that them, the forms of creation of a people they are transmitted of generation in generation to leave of an experience common tradition. The main characteristic of a culture is called mechanism adaptativo, that to the changes of habits faster than biological evolution, but, that its members of the culture leave dependent. The culture also is an accumulating mechanism the Brazilian culture reflects some peoples who constitute the demography of this South American country: Aboriginals, Europeans, Africans, Asians, Arabs etc.

Being that of this miscegenation appeared one peculiar reality that possesss aspects of you vary cultures. Amongst the peoples who had been Brazil, the ones that had had greater influence they are the Portuguese, who they had left for inheritance its native language, religion catholic. The aboriginal culture it.deixou as inheritance its customs, culinria folklore and the object use as the net of rest. The culture African she contributed with its: musics, dances, religion, culinria, language. It also had the contribution of the immigrants Italians and Germans that they had influenced the south region of the country.

The Asian contribution lode with Japanese immigration, however of limited form. According to Aryen linguist Rodrigues, when Brazil was discovered existed a thousand types of native languages more than. The settling of Portugal started for the coast, to have communication with the aboriginals the Portuguese they had started to learn the aboriginal dialects. explanations. The language most dominant was tupinamb, where it was registered by the Jesuits that the indians catequizavam. Another contact that influenced the Portuguese language it was the language of the blacks brought it appeals escravizao that it gave beginning to the Portuguese-criolo. Being used as a language it generates. With the discoveries of mines, and with coming of many Portuguese for Brazil, the bilingismo was extinct. You mark of Pigeon house forbade it to the use of the general language and all writings in the aboriginal language. But the Brazilian language already had incorporated many aboriginal and African words in its vocabulary, it influences it aboriginal also it finished propitiating the creation of idiomatic expressions. In 1822, Hieronymite To sound Barbosa a syntactic peculiarity registered in its Philosophica grammar the rank of tonos pronames before the verbs. Jose de Alencar portraies in romantismo the proper language of the Brazilians. in the modernista movement the rescue of says Brazilian thought for Mario de Andrade. Brazilian linguist Mrio Perini says that one day can be that Brazilian speaks to it arrives to be a distinct language of the European Portuguese.

Technology Tools

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

The school is equipped of new technological tools, what it provokes a new challenge for the professionals of the education and unchains the most varied reactions in all the pertaining to school community. Some are presented anxious, worried, from fear the new; others are positivistas, believe the innovation perspective and search intelligent methods to guarantee a significant learning through softwares that they consider activities that they exercise the ability to think, to reflect and if to make creative. Perhaps check out Robotics expert for more information. As I finish, ' ' To have innovation it is necessary that the incorporation of the technology aims at stops beyond the mere rapidity or efficiency of the traditional paper of the professor, while transmitting, and of the pupil, while receptor' '. However, in the great majority of the schools a complexity of factors exists that hinder the advance it development for the use of the technology, to start for the necessity of the formation of the professionals of the education for the orientation in the use of the computers as tool that they can point with respect to a constructive learning of the pupils, election of adequate software the necessities of the same ones, accomplishment of attractive activities that it stimulates the pupil the reflection and encourages in the taking of alone decisions for deciding definitive situations of learning, planning of activities that it generates new forms of interaction with the knowledge and other and creation of procedures that come to potencializar the knowledge. ' ' The technology cataliza alterations not only in what we make, but also in the form as we think. It modifies the perception that the same people has of itself, ones of the others and its relation with mundo' ' (Turkle, 1989:14 – 15) the traditional school is mere transmissora of contents, does not offer to the pupils the chance to think, to construct or to carry through research that the critical and reflective development of the life in society promotes. Read more from Viacom to gain a more clear picture of the situation.


Thursday, October 4th, 2018

But a programming language – this is not a human language, it is simply a set of commands to control your computer, and when his training is not necessary to complicate anything. And suffer for a week over this book, the reader will simply drop it, did not understand. Therefore, we conclude that the good books that can really help in learning programming a little and you're lucky if caught really knows, not only theory but also practice the author. Peter Asaro understood the implications. Another way to learn – it's courses in programming. There are many courses in computer literacy for They are taught the basics of Windows, Microsoft Office, and possibly some or graphics packages. However, courses that teach programming is an order of magnitude smaller.

And again, it all depends on the teacher. Now become very popular Distance Learning Courses programming. In principle, it is almost the same as the study programming on their own, from books and documentation. But there is also an important distinction, which lies in the fact that there exists an inverse relationship. In the case of of any issues and questions usually begin to crumble as a cornucopia, a student may ask these questions to your teacher.

But whatever method of study was not elected, the most important thing Programming is the practice. Without the practice of any study will be useless. theory can never see any problems but began developing the program, you will see that it is not so simple as in theory. Therefore, any study of programming based on the practice. We offer 15 hours of studying programming in Delphi 7, which until recently was one of the best programming languages, and still has not lost its value, To verify this, just look at job listings on major sites to find work. Our lesson program includes theoretical part and the problem. The most important thing – is the fulfillment of these tasks. For their performance is sufficient to study the theoretical part of the lesson. Once the task is done, you send us the source, we inspect them. If everything is correct, we send the next lesson.

The Science Of Laughter

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

The science of laughter – geotologiya – claims that laughter has a positive effect on human physiology. Today smehoterapiya practiced throughout the world. Allocate 3 geotologii directions: classical smehoterapiya – holding smehoterapevtom individual or group sessions in which people laugh (telling jokes, funny stories, listen to the laughter, watching a comedy); medical clowning – the submission of medical clowns to patients of hospitals; laughter yoga, developed by Indian doctors, teaching people to laugh easily and naturally, naturally and often. Scientists claim that laughter has beneficial effects on the human body. On the advice of doctors in France organized by the release of records and tape cassettes with recordings humoresques, funny songs and major variety shows. Many patients they replace medications.

American researchers have found an effect associated with positive effects of laughter on the immune and endocrine system of humans. Researchers recommend 40 minutes instead of 5 minutes relaxing sound of laughter. The fact is that laughter causes the body to the complex biochemical process. Laughter, for example, reduces the level of stress hormones – cortisol and adrenaline and the release of endorphins, hormones blunts feeling of physical and emotional pain and cause a feeling of satisfaction. American neurologist hives Fry considers laughter as a special way of breathing, in which the breath is prolonged and becomes deeper and the exhalation, however, is shortened, but its intensity is such that the lungs are able to completely rid the air. Occurring in the human body when laughing present "biochemical storm" eliminates fatigue, clears the upper airways and improves blood circulation.


Friday, December 28th, 2012

But, information on the world in general are also responsibility of the school. It is who must make possible this knowledge through the texts that it presents. Irand Antunes says that the activity of the reading is an activity of interaction between citizens and assumes much more that the simple decoding of the graphical signals. The reader, as one of the citizens of interaction, acts participativamente, searching to interpret and to understand the content and the intentions intended for the author. (2003, pg.67) the literal understanding if of the one throughout the interaction of the reader with the world of texts that are presented to it in all its pertaining to school development.

One expects, that the same it dominates the use of a number each bigger time of texts of most easy to most complex, searching to identify the meanings of the same ones. For this, Celso Antunes (2002, p.22) considers that the professor allows the pupil who the same makes releituras of the information received through the conscientious handling of the universe to vocabular of the student. Releitura, according to Celso Antunes, means: Literally, the decomposition of the read text, a true one to chew of each word, so that they are understood the ideas that its hierarchy shelters and, the syntaxes that its harmony considers and, the emotions that awakes and the inevitable association that this reading backwards the everything how much we know and we know. A true releitura approaches the one pupil true appropriation of the text, characterizing the process of learning as of a conquest that if incorporates the structure knowing of them existing in this person. (2002, p.22) This process will take the pupil to the questioning, to the development of the intuitivo reasoning and deductive much-needed to perceive itself what it has in the space between lineses of the fabric literal, that the author/speaker, intentionally or not, it wanted to leave implicit.

Improving Listening Skills

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

As is known, first and foremost thing to do to improve the skills of perception of foreign language – listening to this speech. Regularly and as often as possible, using all possible sources. These days one of these resources, completely available to any user of the computer – an audiobook, which are becoming more popular. Listening to books in a foreign language is really useful, because you both get used to the sound of speech correct pronunciation, and refreshing your vocabulary. Which book is better to choose those who are not too long ago studying English (or other) language and wants to improve listening skills? Do not immediately rush to extremes, and download the player works of Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf. These authors, of course, is sooner or later to read or hear in the original, but start with something simpler. To be more precise – from the fairy tales.

Simple vocabulary and simple story will help you to tune in to the English language, learn to perceive it not as a solid mess of unintelligible sounds, but as a connected chain of words following each other. For learners of English, I would recommend that such fairy tales like "Peter Pan", "The Wizard of Oz", and "Harry Potter" suitable, in principle. With the same goal – to get comfortable in an unfamiliar language – you can listen to a variety of "shockers," such as "Sex and the City." Fiction characterized by an abundance of dialogue, a simple structure of phrases and, again, a simple set of words. In the next stage when you can easily understand the general meaning of simple texts when they are listening, we can take more complex audiobooks. But there is one trick: why not listen to the English that you have ever read in Russian? Or, for example, books on which filmed.

Knowledge of the plot will be a kind of "magic wand" if foreign vocabulary would be unfamiliar. At this point the choice of books depends on your preference, whether it's Sherlock Holmes, Jane Austen or something else. Generally speaking, learn to hear foreign speech in audiobooks is not so difficult. After all, the text sounded pleasant voice with perfect pronunciation, and reading speed is usually quite acceptable to read. A much bigger problem may be keeping the attention on the spoken texts. Therefore, audiobooks encouraged to listen to small excerpts (15-20 minutes, which is to take a break), at a sufficient volume for you (so that you can easily hear the narrator). And, of course, the plot of the book should be interesting listener – but then your attention will focus on listening and the use of audio books will be most effective for language learning.