But a programming language – this is not a human language, it is simply a set of commands to control your computer, and when his training is not necessary to complicate anything. And suffer for a week over this book, the reader will simply drop it, did not understand. Therefore, we conclude that the good books that can really help in learning programming a little and you're lucky if caught really knows, not only theory but also practice the author. Peter Asaro understood the implications. Another way to learn – it's courses in programming. There are many courses in computer literacy for They are taught the basics of Windows, Microsoft Office, and possibly some or graphics packages. However, courses that teach programming is an order of magnitude smaller.

And again, it all depends on the teacher. Now become very popular Distance Learning Courses programming. In principle, it is almost the same as the study programming on their own, from books and documentation. But there is also an important distinction, which lies in the fact that there exists an inverse relationship. In the case of of any issues and questions usually begin to crumble as a cornucopia, a student may ask these questions to your teacher.

But whatever method of study was not elected, the most important thing Programming is the practice. Without the practice of any study will be useless. theory can never see any problems but began developing the program, you will see that it is not so simple as in theory. Therefore, any study of programming based on the practice. We offer 15 hours of studying programming in Delphi 7, which until recently was one of the best programming languages, and still has not lost its value, To verify this, just look at job listings on major sites to find work. Our lesson program includes theoretical part and the problem. The most important thing – is the fulfillment of these tasks. For their performance is sufficient to study the theoretical part of the lesson. Once the task is done, you send us the source, we inspect them. If everything is correct, we send the next lesson.


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