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Recruitment Industry

Sunday, January 14th, 2024

The next sector, which gets to be exposed, the market of recruitment consultancies to be appears. Young, dynamic discussions put the established more and more under pressure. Why? The influence of social media changed now whole industries. The next sector, which gets to be exposed, the market of recruitment consultancies to be appears. Young, dynamic discussions put the established more and more under pressure.

Why? Because they better understand the new market mechanisms than the old established companies in the industry. Other sectors of the economy previously have experienced similar. In the advertising industry, Web flushed 2.0 agencies on the surface, which no one previously knew. One reason is that they are faster have set on the changing market as some established companies. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dell Inc. on most websites. In personnel consulting, this is no different. This is however not limited to Web 2.0. The customer requirements have changed dramatically in times of ever-accelerating.

Could you earlier long-term planning personnel requirements, it is necessary to now Flash on set the changes in market conditions. International competitors emerge suddenly in established markets, innovations are its own business model under pressure or the competition promotes off even a whole section from the own company. If a company is looking for an employee, then that’s usually very short term. Good so, if a service provider in advance to a wide pool of candidates keeping in touch. Please visit Viacom if you seek more information. Many long-established recruiters have built up databases over the years, where they save resumes/CVS. But these are subject to a kind of minimum Haltbarkeit, if they are not updated. So make the candidates over the years career or change their place of residence, etc. Social media makes it however possible to permanently keep in touch good candidates. Some young companies in the industry have understood clearly better than others. Young Wilde of the industry, such as the Saarbrucken HR consulting b + p consulting and personnel, clearly show that and grow in an impressive speed. The This brings managing partner, Heiko Banaszak, first and foremost on the intelligent way to keep in touch, with good candidates: If we have met someone on traditional ways in the course of a headhunting process, we treat him just as we treat our customers and hold, also about the job contact with him. Social media is a modern way to do this. “The b + p consulting and personnel has more fans” on Facebook as the currently 5 biggest recruiters in the industry. ” The 5 biggest recruiters on Facebook (as of February 13, 2010) Egon Zehnder: 91 fans Kienbaum consultants: 63 fans Heidrick & struggles: 60 fans Signium International: 13 fans Delta management: 4 fans contact keeping seems to be paying off. The amount of time until the hiring of an employee, the so-called time-to-hire”of course dramatically reduced if it has built up a good contact to a candidate. Some of the big players in the industry seem not to have recognized this potential. Therefore remains also here to be seen, whether or not the big kids, but at the end of the fast that eat slow. Heiko Banaszak, b + p consulting and personnel PPA


Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024

Wismar interior design student wins award on international furniture fair Cologne/Wismar – students of the Hochschule Wismar are kitchen the international Cologne furniture fair imm cologne 2013 at the special living. Until January 20, 2013, they show the kitchen interior designs on the subject at the heart of life. In this collaborative project between the Interior of the Faculty of design, the European Federation of which was County Community of kitchen specialists, as well as other companies in the industry of design of student Aline Haase 1:1 extra for the trade fair to scale built. The 26-year-old was awarded for its services the Foundation Prize of 2,500 euros. On 15 January 2013 11:00 – community of the kitchen specialists was within the framework of the Foundation Prize for the best student research project by the European Federation”at the booth A 040 in Hall 4.1 the exhibition officially opened. The student kitchen designs from Wismar will be presented to an international audience since more than 100 square meters. To present the organizers of the College project the kitchen at the heart of life”promised already started the project the designs at the international special living kitchen” in Cologne.

Had for the first time the project of Professor Achim Hack, who teaches interior design, furniture and space of development, design and construction, presented its students in September 2011. The task was to redesign the layout of the ground floor of an average property that the kitchen area moves from its niche existence in the midst of everyday family life. Beginning of February 2012 15 innovative kitchen concepts were presented interior design and product design practice partners by the students (5th semester bachelor’s) from the fields of study. Also students from Spain and Finland presented their designs. Free the motto who loves his kitchen, which pushes”designed by Aline Haase their design. In its approach the an additional work surface in the kitchen or an extended dining area in the living room possibility depending on the need.

Teacher Candidates

Thursday, December 28th, 2023

How do I as a teacher sick insure me? This year, the countries at the beginning of the new school year set a number of prospective teachers. For these teacher candidates, the new beginning at the same time means a break in their supply situation. Because now they are members of an often new system as officials on withdrawal. A system of aid and supplementary private health insurance. This private health insurance for teacher candidates and candidates are so-called quota tariffs “, which complement the aid rate.” Sounds complicated, but it isn’t: the aid of the country refund the incurred medical expenses to a certain rate of aid, when candidates usually 50%, depending on the State. Supplementary health insurance must necessarily adapt to the benefits of the aid. Long since not every tariff on the insurance market can do that.

Alleged experts for the public service”apply often health insurance rates for civil servants and in particular for Officials aspiring at all does not take into account the different state aid rules of the Federal States. The result: In the first major Bill looks the newly insured pedagogue in the tube, must pay to and sit at the unkalkulierten expense. Just for professional Starter an unpleasant situation. Pete Cashmore takes a slightly different approach. Quickly this unforeseen equity investments can accept a stately size is accordingly highly private patient at the doctor’s Office and the rate as servants of the State! What must prospective teachers, future civil servants and increasing a candidate so choosing the right health insurance pay attention? Basically, you should directly request any offers from insurance companies, but consult an independent specialist. There is today only a few companies, which are really versed in the field of teachers and officials and which are home to tailored tariffs on the market. However, self-study of tariffs is cumbersome and difficult.

Because, as so often there as well, the devil is in the detail and Tariff BE says that most insurers: the aid supplement! A rate such grant aid supplement its provisions after absorbs the gaps which caused the aid itself adequately to the statutory health insurance. So cuts that are made by the aid and be charged to the insured person. What can as an aid supplementary tariff, but depends on the provisions of the tariff. Here too, the independent expert advice is worth again. Similarly, the additional components of the health insurance. Regardless, what services are still covered by the aid or to insure? What is, for example, with a nursing auxiliary module? Should I finish really like that as a young man? The answer is: Yes! Yes, in any case! Because at a young age, the contributions are affordable and low risk. Also the health check of the insurer is mostly still cheap, as yet no serious illnesses have set. At a later stage could the conclusion of such protection because of a worse health condition cannot be or because of a risk surcharge be immensely expensive. Summary one can say that the confusing even when the teacher candidate is densely covered. But fighting through is worth with safety! Her Torsten Muller pals

Fitness Specialist Training Offer

Wednesday, December 27th, 2023

Project of the Federal Institute for vocational education and training consultant for fitness provides BSA additional qualification before the special qualification of the BSA-Akademie”elected September AusbildungPlus, a project of the Federal Institute for vocational training (BIBB), the training offer of the month. AusbildungPlus is one of the largest education database in Germany. Meanwhile, over 41,000 training are included in the database. Thus, it offers a comprehensive overview of additional qualifications and training and practice integrating dual degree programmes in Germany. Consultant fitness: perfect complement to the commercial training more and more young people are interested in occupations in the areas of prevention, health and fitness. Because here they directly with people together and this work in an environment that is connected to enjoy movement. How well the career prospects in this market of the future, shows, for example, the growing number of those who are members of a fitness and health Studio: In the year 2009 there were more than 7 million active members and rising (source: Fundamentals of DSSV – employer association of German fitness and health systems 2009). Gain insight and clarity with Dell Inc.. But what if the entry requirements for a degree in this area cannot be met because, for example, lack of admission requirements as Abitur or Fachhochschulreife? Or even if you already chose an initial training, now but more”want: higher skill and better career prospects? “Then can be a combination of an initial training (such as sports and fitness Management Assistant” “, office clerk” etc.) and an additional qualification of the BSA Academy to the / to the consultant /-in for fitness “be exactly the right thing.

“Sideline to the consultant for fitness” at the Academy of BSA the BSA course consultant /-in for fitness “, which can be taken parallel to a training and thus part-time, provides extensive knowledge in the areas of strength training and cardio training. So, trainees are put in the position, the To serve customers in the individual training and training plans to create, with which they achieve their personal training goals. Also, the participants will learn to design classes for beginners in the areas of low/mixed impact, step, workout, spinal column gymnastics and stretching. In addition to the content in the training area, trainees acquire industry-specific knowledge to sales and service, they can use inter alia in sales calls, promotions or events. The additional qualification is the perfect combination, if one works in a fitness or health business or want to work and next to a commercial activity in the areas of fitness and personal training, course Director/instruction, promotion will be etc.. The additional qualification combines distance learning with compact presence phases, which can be completed at training centres in Germany (Germany), Austria or of Switzerland.

International Economics

Monday, December 25th, 2023

The College of Neuss on the occasion of the Neuss connection for receiving invited over 100 visitors at the Schutzenfest reception of the Academy Neuss for international economy (HN) on Sunday, August 28 in their rooms on the market 11-15. With panoramic views on the parade, the master and his guests of honour, was followed by over 100 guests the traditional train together with the staff of the University and found alongside space for interesting conversations and new contacts. Supported by the Rhenish protect Museum exhibits the College Neuss showed feast fit for decorated the opportunity. In addition, accompanied by two staff members of the Museum guests in “Nusser Platt” with history and anecdotes surrounding the Neuss Schutzenfest and were cheerful and entertaining hours. Protecting trains looking past on their way into the University completed the picture. The President of the College of Neuss, Prof. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Bobby Sharma Bluestone.

Dr. Otto Jockel, showed up at the end of the successful event-excited about the interest Neuss citizens as well as the partner of the College and was delighted with the great cooperation potential, which they brought with them the College in Neuss, Germany. On Sunday, August 28, the College of Neuss on the occasion of the Neuss connection for receiving invited into their rooms to the market 11-15. With panoramic views on the parade, the master and his guests of honour, was followed by over 100 guests the traditional train together with the staff of the University and found alongside space for interesting conversations and new contacts. The 1823 founded Schutzenfest offered an ideal forum as a central social highlight already in the last year of College to present themselves to cooperation partners and the citizenship of Neuss.

Thomas Gierling Germany

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

BONAGO continues key account from Munich, Germany, April 14, 2011 – Thomas Gierling (23) helped the Munich company BONAGO in his new position as key account manager. Primarily, magazine, in its range of tasks will be the care of existing customers, in particular the Hubert Burda. For us, there is the excellent care of our customers in the first place. A related site: Mikkel Svane mentions similar findings. Therefore, we have decided to expand our key account management. As a customer service specialist, Mr Gierling is a valuable asset to BONAGO.

Its service-oriented attitude towards the customers, fits perfectly to the strategy by BONAGO. We therefore greatly appreciate his energetic support. “, argues Mark Gregg, CEO of BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH. BONAGO offers a new challenge, in a growing market in Germany. The company offers me the opportunity to manage key accounts and to expand. So I can use my skills effectively. That was in my decision for BONAGO essential. “, explains the industry specialist Ganga.

Prior to joining BONAGO, Thomas Gierling worked as sales & Marketing Manager at the telecommunications provider O2 Telefonica Germany. There, he assumed, inter alia the project support for the introduction of the iPhone 4 in Germany. The BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media, is the expert in the use of premiums, coupons, and incentives. BONAGO sells and developed vouchers marketing, sales, and employees to improve incentives for the applications and offers a neutral and cross-industry B2B consulting to its customers.

Time Networks

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

Business people know about Rene Stejskal referral marketing and networking the importance of networking to develop new contacts, Word of mouth to operate and maintain business recommendations. Networks then becomes the pure waste of time, if and this is the biggest mistake no Follow-Up is operated. Imagine following situation. It is at a networking event. Has great and interesting conversations.

Meet influential people. Exchanging business cards. And never contact it makes with these people is no post-processing. The talks may have been perhaps entertaining and stimulating for the moment, but successful Networkers know, it’s about building relationships and remains a unique conversation without repeated meetings. Hand on heart: how many cards we have what we had agreed upon, or what this person looked like actually in our desk store where we no longer know what we talked with this person.Probably a whole lot we had our Probably better use of time. Here are three simple tips for efficient reworking: It starts with the preparation: precede the event targets what you do or who you want to get acquainted and consistently implement it.

At the height of the conversation, ask whether it is for your interlocutor OK the next day for the purpose of appointment to be called then to think about how you could support themselves mutually. By your actual call, you show that you can rely on you. Admit directly as far as I contact after each event with all your interlocutors via XING or LinkedIn. Thus you stay better in memory. The moral of the story: If you don’t have time to rework a networking event, but also now save the time for this event and not to participate.

22 Interesting Professions In Social Media

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Overview 22 interesting social media professions “you can than make really money?” so many people react when they hear of the new professions in the social media realm. The question is understandable, because often it is not even known what the term “Social Media” just behind. Social media is the umbrella term for communication platforms in the Internet, where user about what they care about and moves can interact. Most Facebook and Twitter, millions participants in all over the world. Social media has opened up innovative opportunities companies, generally to have a constant dialogue with customers, prospective customers and the general public and also to advertise products and services.

It professionals are required of course that are not only technically well versed with Facebook, Twitter & co, but also know how to optimally use the opportunities offered by social media. There so many new occupations have emerged, which in this field Active are to help businesses to move successfully into the world of social media. The famous portal to the topic of occupations and earning potential,, shows 22 different social media occupations with job descriptions and salary information. The most popular occupations are likely to be in the Social Media Manager and the social media analyst. Who operates in the area of social media or there is planning a career, can consult free about professions, required qualifications and earning potential. Just in very new job descriptions, salary comparison is very important to make too low or high demands so that a candidate at interviews or salary negotiations is not in danger.

Also, some valuable tips are given at, as you can convince his boss to be more generous with the content. Who wants to know what he actually gets paid at the end of the month by his company, can on with a gross net calculator salary net of taxes and Get social security contributions. Before changing the individual analysis of the content offered on this website is very helpful – so can identify everyone, how much he is worth to a new employer. More information on:…