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Business people know about Rene Stejskal referral marketing and networking the importance of networking to develop new contacts, Word of mouth to operate and maintain business recommendations. Networks then becomes the pure waste of time, if and this is the biggest mistake no Follow-Up is operated. Imagine following situation. It is at a networking event. Has great and interesting conversations.

Meet influential people. Exchanging business cards. And never contact it makes with these people is no post-processing. The talks may have been perhaps entertaining and stimulating for the moment, but successful Networkers know, it’s about building relationships and remains a unique conversation without repeated meetings. Hand on heart: how many cards we have what we had agreed upon, or what this person looked like actually in our desk store where we no longer know what we talked with this person.Probably a whole lot we had our Probably better use of time. Here are three simple tips for efficient reworking: It starts with the preparation: precede the event targets what you do or who you want to get acquainted and consistently implement it.

At the height of the conversation, ask whether it is for your interlocutor OK the next day for the purpose of appointment to be called then to think about how you could support themselves mutually. By your actual call, you show that you can rely on you. Admit directly as far as I contact after each event with all your interlocutors via XING or LinkedIn. Thus you stay better in memory. The moral of the story: If you don’t have time to rework a networking event, but also now save the time for this event and not to participate.

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