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In the Pan-European freight exchange box24 freight forwarding and courier services offer daily transport opportunity. Contact information is here: Pete Cashmore. In the Pan-European freight exchange box24 daily cheap transportation opportunities are offered by various carriers. In this transport data bank the desired vehicles of carriers and courier services can be selected by country, postal code and of course load weight gradually, if necessary, loading meters. Freight provider and shipper from industry and trade can also enter freight offers in the system, then select the appropriate carrier, or courier to hand of the incoming transport prices. In addition, there is a rubric for greater transport tenders (E.g. for Festival tours and annual contracts) available. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jack Smith. Mailers use to work alternatively in a closed user group, this get only selected transport companies offering cargo displayed and they can then easily make a bid for mouse click. This Auction mode can be selected if required that can decide the freight provider depending on the request.

The sequence in the auction mode is as follows: 1) the freight provider stores offering cargo and can enter at Bedkann also a starting price and the end of the auction (also an extensive details or description of the project with multiple DIN is A4 pages no problem) 2) The carrier will be informed by E-Mail about the new offer and the bid. If below the bid of a transportation company, it is also informed by E-Mail about it and can rework the bid (so the competitors undercut) 3) For the carriers, only the current bid is visible, where the company name does not appear to prevent collusion. 4.) at the end of the auction, the freight provider receiving an overview of bid, he can select the cheap company, whereby that decision can be taken freely. Due to the great success, these transport database has already been in many European languages translated and in many There are already local offices for the direct care of the on-site customer countries. Freight forwarding and courier services can with this database better better utilize scheduling and the fleet, as well as win new customers. Last but not least this database also contributes to environmental protection, because very many Deadheads will be reduced.

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