Paula Santander

To doubt then the possibility that a gross error finds in Venezuela campings of the serious CRAF then? I ask Until the trees know says to Serra I ask then same my same one, that as much we know the Colombians, South-American and the world of the certainty really of the accusations of the Government of Uribe frankly to anybody consists that, but specific serious I to him but when clearing in the obvious thing that for all it is, that the scholastic day-care center of the CRAF is Venezuela and that Hugo Chavez this sunk until the neck, and which according to this goes the things their circus to arrive at their aim. We begin to know that the tests that I contribute Colombia, are based on testimonies of demobilized of the guerrilla and Small box of Pandora of Raul Kings that in the end goes to finish being the weak flank but of the CRAF, even spent two years of the death of no. 2 of the guerrilla. As if this outside little, this dignitary so particular and controverted and his partisans in but in one go they have declared abierta and blatantly, its affection and attachment with the Colombian insurgency, leaving between said the supposed collaboration that its country gives Colombia, to obtain La Paz. Ntese, that while accusations do not exist like which delayed the Colombian government I send to Venezuela in the OAS, Chvez maintains the same speech of Belligerence and liking to the hostility that as much it announces, and when it passes the opposite, it invents peace plans appeared of its emotional and complex imbalance of personality superposed on the Liberator. And it is that yes, beyond that compulsive obsession that it has with unearthing history and releasing to the Latin America of the North American yoke, Chvez, is a fan to Simon Bolivar, his prejudice with the Liberator is so, that it gets to compare his wild ones and confused activities with those of the caudillo, (jejejeje) not being this as much, has taken the work to dig up the rest of Bolivar, so that in its utopian conclusions on the death of liberator, happened the idea, to invent that the Liberator was poisoned, by any more and nothing less, than Francisco de Paula Santander (met hero Colombian), adding then this, in the long run ready of activities and commentaries shows clear and evident of anti-colombianismo of the mentioned agent chief executive.


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