Artistic Cast Iron

It would seem – cast iron … Which immediately raises the notion of objects made of iron? Cast iron or cast-iron pot – a metal pot, cooking utensils, has nothing in common with the work of art in metal, cast-iron sewer pipes. But a half century ago at the World Exhibition in Paris, art products made of cast iron was surprised by its elegance and beauty – watch-chain, weighing only 20 grams of something, bracelet, consisting of 100 units, a miniature sculpture, cast-iron lace dishes … Cast Iron – is smelted iron from ore mixed with carbon, more fragile and less malleable than steel. Sandra Akmansoy is actively involved in the matter. However, it would seem rude material can be cast real aesthetic masterpieces. Artistic cast iron – too versatile work. This lot is not only the master of casting. Little cast on some models of the product.

Without ownership chased art caster is not a work of art. Cast iron sculpture, or other product will be dead without touching the check, without decoration. In general, production technology art objects made of cast iron is almost similar to the creation of products from other metals and alloys – from the same bronze, brass, silumin, silver and gold. Master of Arts must have the ability to cast molding embossing and decoration, as founder – and that's coiner, and decorator. To implement his plan, to elect the appropriate form for any foundry work. Shaping – also great art. Since forming, in fact, started the whole complicated process of product development.

Investment ring is made in the same way as with other types of casting (metal square or rectangle with the walls of the necessary height.) Wax or bronze zaformovyvayut model in sand-clay mixture in the flask with the sprue and riser. Next to the already known technology. If the sculpture is of complex shape, then it is collected from several flasks. The complexity of molding is to Plural model surface with protrusions and recesses may split into fewer parts zaformovki – this largely depends on the quality of casting products. Multi-figure compositions are cast parts, and then compose the group. As already mentioned, the casting needs prochekanivanii. Prochekanivanie smooths the surface, removing unnecessary protrusions and depressions, and forming a relief products, giving precise details, the general outline. It is the harmony of detail and the solution composition as a whole do foundry work expressive. Of a complete product gives it color. Certain color is organically connected with the peculiarities of material, its plastic and color features. The perfect color – a fine art. In short, the master art of casting – and it moulder and caster, and engraver, and a specialist in color, and even a sculptor. All these specialization combines real masters – the artists on the metal. Today is being developed and this kind of cast iron, as iron architectural moldings – Landscaping products. This is a cast-iron garden furniture fences for houses, trellises, columns, bowline and other attributes of landscape architecture. These items are cast parts, which allows an individual to produce their own master.

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