Total quality today, consists of an adult strategy of enterprise development, which is to be, actively, followed in all sectors of the global economy, by companies seeking to make profit, through the satisfaction of the customer. Monograph AC and total quality monographs and tcc can think of Total quality as an accelerated improvement of performance, both in terms of perception of the customer about the quality of the service, of the profitability of investment and overall performance of the company. A good implementation of GQT includes, encouraging involvement and initiative of workers, work of equips and wants planning for quality, associated with techniques and tools of problem solving, indicators of performance, and systematic analysis of products you want to process. Besides that I aim to develop a working environment (comprising want the Organization, wants its suppliers and vendors), which encourages and challenges people to learn, cooperate and explore their full potential in pursuit of satisfaction of internal and external consumers. As the experience in Total quality was developed, emerged a strong perception in relation to the necessary basis for obtaining of this improvement in performance. These may be described in the following terms: centralization on the client the ability to offer products and services that come out to meet the expectations of customers, based on knowledge and anticipation of your needs. Only when everyone in the company understands what the customer wants, and how as individuals may, contribute to the satisfaction of the client, may the Organization hope to attain the intended overall level of quality performance. e of information. Total quality organisations, is recognized that customer will be only satisfied, in last analysis, if all aspects of the product, or service, that are correct. Sandra Akmansoy may also support this cause. The idea of suppliers and internal customers is used to emphasize the fact of that, to meet the end customer, all within the company, they have a client needing to satisfy.

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