World War

But, it happens to us, are still in circulation, and maybe for some more time, and then must do a rearrangement of our experiential loads, to continue venturing us to life. They mean these substantial mutations that we must shed all acquired in our past overboard? Do involves the new time, that we must set aside all contributed by the generations that preceded us? In my opinion, there has been a new opportunity to rearrange our loads, ensuring all the lessons and in the earlier stages of our personal existence, as the contributions of previous generations. Everything would seem to indicate that the world began to change, with Perestroika, the wars and the fall of the Berlin wall. The announcement of the Perestroika (indicator that the Soviet Union was beginning its disappearance) corresponded you in Argentina, the Decree of demonopolization, signed by President Alfonsin, a proposal from the then Minister Terragno. The fall of the Berlin wall, coincided with the inauguration of President Menem and from there started all public policy, aimed at adapting to the new global circumstances.

This attitude was as Menemtroika. By the combination of global and local circumstances, it is becoming clear that, with the Menemtroika, somewhat abruptly, closes a stage of Argentine life that perhaps can be traced back in the presidencies of Sarmiento or Avellaneda, and particularly in the work of the Colonel Olascoaga, all of them associated with the campaigns to the desert. It is our opinion that between those events and 1914, with the outbreak of the great war (World War I), were launched and/or all alternatives were projected to make progress to the country. What came next, until the advent of the Menemtroika, this very linked to this founding time, though this assertion may to be repugnant to more than one. But here we are facing a new stage of mankind which provisionally referred to as the knowledge and information society.


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