Reason Spiritual

From a conscious point of view we perhaps do not understand the occurrence of certain events and the conclusion of many people is that we are exposed to forces and conditions outside us so it is impossible to have control of our own lives. As we began to study various spiritual materials go understanding that things that happen to us are intimately linked with our own essence, when we give account of this we begin to understand some of the reasons why certain circumstances come into our lives. In the book I am happy. I am Andrew Corentt Rico speaks to us that everything in life is directed by causality and not by chance, i.e. all circumstances has its causes, through the reading of this book will learn the steps necessary to be the cause of good situations in our life, it is easy to notice it, our look around people who lead more balanced lives in all sensesWhy? Because such persons either a conscious or unconscious way have sown wonderful ideas in their lives and therefore harvest of Similarly, through the book I’m happy, I’m rich you’ll learn how to organize your life in an efficient manner so benefit you every event. Now is the time in which you must assess your life and begin to take control of its own be, if something you do not like you much reaches its life is because you created it as well and may be due to the following situations: 1. you believe in pain and problems: many times we create conditions of suffering in our lives without justified reasonThis can happen because sometimes we feed our minds with negative information. 2. Something negative helps you transform it: this aspect at the end becomes positive, for example we see the case in which people consciously want to change but have failed and in that sense go through a hard experience that helps to bring about a real change of life, then the illusion of temporary pain if it makes sense, but beware, you must never associate the pain with the changebecause there is something more powerful to do so and is love.


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