Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility, refers to the commitment that has the company with all its stakeholders, is to respond to employee, customer, supplier, to the community through strategic plans so that these plans will become a competitive advantage for the business that develops. Now well, some say it is not philanthropy and is not only the compliance of laws does but won’t love to make things right for the welfare of the other, taking as a basis, duty through legislation a way to begin to be socially responsible? i.e. do love and legislation will not be the starting point to be socially responsible?, discard them it seems absurd to me. State, as all institutions that possess the authority and power to establish the rules that govern a society has the duty to enact and promote laws, rules and regulations for the collective welfare, of course company must meet them because that is a duty, not an option. Without the rules they had not laws, therefore the anarchy Albert and discard the compassion, love and the will that emanates from philanthropy, serious yet more anarchic and immoral, what if I agree, it is that you must manage this legislation those wanting to do, i.e. Design competitive strategic plans, which translates into sustainable accountable plans, all these plans revolve to the social environment and curbing them would be ambiguousregulate the social through certifiable standards would not be suitable is like telling the company, so far, taking into account another factor that these rules, most are designed for large corporations that happens to SMEs or family companies that are socially responsible from their radius of action? , here emerges the newest norm ISO 26,000 which has joined opinions such as: according to Camacho…in no time the ISO 26000 refers to what is efficient use, which could lead to confusion and interpretations wrong..-Employers considered that the text is too complex and difficult to read and that it does not apply to all types of organizations and is clearly focused on large companies, another comment did the President of accion RSE, Janet Sprohnle, who openly stated that the ISO 26000 is socially irresponsible most I have seen., his stance is based on thatin his view, Social responsibility is a theme of all and not only to the employer, I still do not see where are the regulations for people who are within a company.

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