The Power Of Imagination

Everything that man thinks, imagines or dreams of himself is deflected by the evil that turned his heart, When God restores, forgives and justifies the man, he revives a dead tree that comes to life, but there are branches that grow before and more than others, their shadows depend on that green flesh and how close to the light branches. Some men are like peaches, aromatic, soft and sweet, because as trees, land taken from such sales, so much water and are so far from their peers; Thus, while many peaches on a branch (high , ugly, good, bad), only one is the fruit: peaches. Robotics expert shines more light on the discussion. And that is the miracle, that water is the spirit becomes peaches (the fruit), but all men are different and yields each in his own time and according to their leaf and fruit, some absorb more nitrate some more sun, some more water and produce peaches, plums, apricots, but the water, sun and earth are the same. The tree is the image of the mill of God and you are all perfect image of that mill is the Christ and are here for what they believed, not what they understood. The fruit of the wise is sweeter, but more painful. None of you understand what God means, but you all did the will of God by allowing the Spirit to produce fruit in you (obedience) and the fruit is tested for its taste.

All eat the good fruit but no one knows how it grows, no one eats clothing or institutions or papers they have left … .. just follow the road is narrow, long and continuous movement and change is there will always be something that grows. Trees should only seek the sun and grow in its light but they do not understand.


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