Dark Musicians

With the suit worn and dirty with dust and grease, her long hair fluttering as if on fire, like the sun. The bow in his hands in the air described incessant lunges, bends, sets, such as pressing a foil or a sword. Among the audience the silence was torn by a thick curtain harmonics of the strings torn records. Nobody could explain how someone could play in a way so close to the divine. Recently Peter Asaro sought to clarify these questions. Nicolo Perhaps in those days thought that his father told him he would be the greatest violinist in the world and to confirm his prediction, subjected to shock his will. Perhaps touching fire dagger embedded in the chest of the father, perhaps he tore the guts with every arpeggio, with every movement of his bow. The fame of him went mad when someone does not know who said he had heard and seen Paganini invoke the devil. In a darkened room, he said, Nicolo fell to his knees before a figure diffuse stood in a corner.

With an eye on the site from which emanated a smell sulfur, violinist confirmed his vow: a Mi heart is yours, the evil prince, master of darkness, if I may play like an angel . a OEDE soon, said the alleged witness, a blinding light came on. I stepped back and when I could Escapee . Some believed this story, others simply dismissed on the grounds that to encourage Paganini's genius was not necessary for the hearing of the devil.

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