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Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Wealth are not nor splendor, but tranquility and labour, that provide happiness. Thomas Jefferson from the moment that we were given the opportunity to live, we know that we are subjected to testing situations that often stop to succeed, requires calm, tranquility to deal with them. Calm is a sheltered from energy, which invites to know gerenciala, especially before tests where it is necessary to preserve the clava, properly manage our energy capacity, give way to mind this harmonic generate actions that are required to exit ahead of the tests. Has he been surprised agitated, nervous, disharmonic conflictive situations? How have you faced them? What has become of his cries out, peace of mind? What has he been doing in pro to guarantee calm, calm in difficult times? What prevents him from achieving it?, are some questions that demand answers in order to determine how important is knowing cultivar, properly handle cries out, tranquility. Additional information at Ali Partovi supports this article. We are reminded, that calm is a continuous process that, through well-defined stages, develops all the elements that will help you to renew your life passing through moments of reflection, relaxation, preparation and action. Through this process we learn to identify and modify negative habits that impair our quality of life, developing new ones that allow leverage time, controlling emotions, dominate the body and incorporate into our lives a routine to live more balanced. tells us, in this regard, that we can use in all areas of our lives, at work, with children, with the couple, with family, with friends, with the world in general and wonderfully comes when we have to solve is a problem or a situation out of place. It seems very difficult to be calm when we are with people who do not at this time or that we see that we cannot, but on the contrary, when we have calm we see that it is more easy to think to solve this problem or that situation.

Non-Governmental Organizations

Monday, December 8th, 2014

For example, to implement projects of digital inclusion in the education, it is necessary to elaborate pedagogical politics and proposals that facilitate the construction of the knowledge, the understanding and the development of the abilities necessary to act in the society of the knowledge. The preparation of the professor, therefore, is basic so that the education gives a quality jump and leaves of being based on the transmission of the information. It needs to learn as to use the computer as tool, to integrate the computer in the curricular activities and to have the support of an able team and trained well to give the necessary and effective support in this new paper (Brave, 1999a). In short, the social responsibility is not alone of the companies and other private organizations that they work with the transparency in its businesses. The Government, doubtlessly, has that to have this stuck responsibility in its initiatives of digital inclusion and to leave all for the dissemination of the use of the computer in the domestic territory, privileging the public schools, the incentive of long-distance education, the installation of public telecentros, beyond the reduction in price of the equipment and tools, as computer, free software, broad band, that make possible the digital inclusion (Oak, 2009). Therefore, the improvement of the educational system becomes of basic importance public Brazilian, through the transformation, or construction of worthy schools to be frequentadas, as the case of the school of integral turn.

They need to be equipped with classrooms and libraries informatizadas and hardwired to the net, with proper laboratories and all the necessary infrastructure to the good performance of the student. In this context, if she cannot forget the importance it envolvement them professors in the projects digital inclusion, enriching education through the practical one of the interdisciplinariedade. The qualification of professors interested in educating and guiding its pupils in the accomplishment of research, in the interpretation of texts, the colaborativa learning, the construction of the knowledge through the quarrel and the reflection is one of the factors that can make the difference, as mechanism to deepen the knowledge of the students and to promote the exercise of the citizenship.