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Equipment Case

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Control cabinets are an integral part of electromechanical equipment. Complex units can not take action themselves – they need to be managed. To manage to get signals from the various sensors, level, position, strain gauges, temperature sensors, pressure sensors. If you consult with specialists in the manufacture of control cabinets, we can apply the upgraded sensors, or install additional sensors that improve the functioning of the plant. By means of the contactors and relays. If the control cabinet is used sophisticated electronic circuit, the contactors are making more noise and system will falter. For this, we apply control using transistors and optocouplers. This type of management creates less interference in the control circuit, and has smaller dimensions. In formulating the requirements for the control cabinet should be guided by the best price-competitiveness. You can build a system on expensive controllers, which look beautiful and give the control cabinet-tech look. You can put touch screen and control units, not pressing the buttons, but the image on the screen.

These actions are making an increased interest in their products. But when it comes to price potential customers go to search similar equipment to other manufacturers. It is bad because clients interested in equipment and you’ve spent on them a lot of your precious time. In such cases can provide competitiveness of their products? Should be used electronics, performed specifically for your order. In this case, removed all unnecessary, and additional modules are combined in one unit. If you need to make 6 inputs and 13 outputs, that is exactly 6 inputs and 13 outputs, requires three 12-bit adc and one 10 bit – put three and one 10razryadnoe. Literate study interface control box will highlight customers and lure of its low cost of equipment. But what about the reliability of the equipment in this case? The development is on modern equipment, so the quality of individual orders correspond to the quality of expensive controllers. One last thing worth mentioning in this article – why do control cabinets for today’s electronic database? For example, your equipment is equipped with electronics which was developed more than 10 years ago, when your installation sold well. Then the market was less than the proposals. Now the customer must provide not only quality of the equipment, but also the aesthetic appearance. For a long time operation must have accumulated rich statistics of your units. In this case, to get higher and the result of a competitive need to modernize equipment, and the current scheme of control cabinet is not lets do it. In this case, you can help control panels designed for today’s electronic database.

Business Plan

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

– Can you give a vivid example of something wrong, so that our readers could easily imagine a real situation? – Certainly. We have not time we visited a woodworking plant in one area of Russia to launch its products to Western markets. At the same time, we examined the equipment and got acquainted with the staff of the plant. Let me give a few facts. Learn more at: Zendesk. Plant up front with a large plywood now consuming 120 thousand m3 of high-quality raw material per month. The business plan is betting that 80% of furniture panels will focus on production of fronts, requiring the use of profiled boards and, therefore, pre-sorting of saw logs of raw materials to allocation . Our calculations show that the issue referred to in the Business Plan 1000 m3 shield quality A / B and B / B to harvest 10,000 m3 of birch assortment or buy 2000 m3 monthly.

But the management of neglected these simple facts. As a result, problems with raw materials have already for the second month of production. The calculation for the purchase of raw materials, in practice, did not give the expected results. Obviously, the gaps in the provision of raw materials and downtime can be avoided by organizing their own timber to start the main manufacture. Only after some time the problem was solved through the purchase of timber industry. Equipment for company was chosen without a precise calculation of power, without regard to synchronize threads. As a result, in a single technological chain of equipment capable of producing up to 1000 m3 per month at board two-shift mode, while the other part – no more than 400 m3 per month, even with three shifts.

Russian President

Monday, August 14th, 2017

Petersburg, the import share of over 70%! In a particularly difficult position were Livestock and poultry enterprises. Due to lack of financial resources and access to credit management for many years could not carry out modernization, purchase of modern machinery and equipment, apply efficient technologies, to conduct a focused breeding work, etc. As a result, the profitability of livestock production has been steadily falling, so that now, for example, the production of cattle meat is unprofitable. It is estimated that from 1991 to 2005 the number of cattle decreased from 54.7 to 21.4 million heads of pigs – from 35.4 to 13.3 million head. Production of meat and poultry in live weight decreased from 14,5 to 7,6 million tons. This led to the fact that the share of imports of meat domestic market is now approaching 35%, which does not benefit any domestic animal or the consumer. The state will help us? In May this year at a meeting on socio-economic development of the Volga Federal district in Kirov issue of food independence raised the Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev.

"While domestic livestock only 60% supports the needs of the country's meat production. The rest of Russia forced to import, taking the risks, including those relating to price instability in world food markets ", – he stressed. Experts estimate that the threshold of food security is 20% imports. This value has a strong economic rationale, since the greater proportion of imports of developing serious adverse effects throughout the agricultural sector. I must say, the state for several years tries all the administrative and financial resources to improve the situation in agriculture.

Metal Production

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Metal-production – is one of the most developed industries. Pipe production has the highest demand, it is caused by widespread use of these products. They serve to transport of liquids and gas, providing their residential and industrial facilities. Without them is unthinkable accomplishment of cities and towns on them water, oil and other fuels makes a long journey from the place of departure to consumer. Greater number of pipes made of steel. This metal has a very high level of durability and longevity. It is divided into two main types: carbon and alloy. More than a hundred years of his produce various kinds of steel and in the intervening period, scholars have failed to find an alternative to the material and replace it with something else.

Fuel – a substance that brings not only benefits for mistreated, and it carries a certain danger, so pipe oil pipelines will be released for exceptional fuel leakage. To produce them choose the best: technology, metal and machinery. Today, find ways to protect the pipeline from corrosion. For this product applied to the special additional coating prevents the metal from rust. Everyone knows what an important role in our country, "black Gold>>. Over thousands of miles it is transported from city to city, from plant to plant. Pipe oil pipelines provides a reliable fuel movement from the point of departure to destination.

Due to this quality as impact resistance, pipelines operated for decades without requiring repair or replacement. Today, many firms are offering to sell the pipe will. This means that they have been used, but are good condition and suitable for further use. The main difference is only in price. The integrity of these groups is guaranteed, as to the implementation of all the goods falleth down to various tests and is thoroughly visual inspection. During the construction of buildings, mount pits, construction of port facilities used piles and other metal items. To reduce costs, you can use the pipe will. Usually this is used products, which have relatively minor defects, or those who went operational shelf life. At the same time they must retain its original structure and strength characteristics.

Russian Analyzers

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

The purpose of miniaturization – the maximum adapted instruments for research on the move, attempt to translate the diagnosis of "fighting" the situation of real modes of operation. If we talk about gas analysis, such an approach, first, allows you to measure exhaust emissions in the movement that now require standards of several states in the U.S Second, the transcript records changes in the composition of exhaust gases at various modes of motion gives a rich, qualitatively different information for analysis. It helps to clarify such details workflows that are not available for testing in boxing in the no-load conditions. In addition, very useful "bells and whistles" will be: additional sensors that allow measuring engine speed and oil temperature, built-in printer for printing the measurement results and the standard port for connection to a computer analyzer. The latter makes it possible for computer processing measurements and sozdanie database.

A good instrument will not damage the visual display, a simple and convenient mode control, automation of some modes: heating, installation of "zero", condensate removal, the transition to the regime of stand by. More emphasize once again that a good gas analyzer for diagnosis of modern engines, we mean at least a four-unit with the function of calculating the composition of the mixture. What's on the market The domestic market analyzers extensive. It features products with different degrees of perfection, from different manufacturers in a wide price range. In general, there are plenty to choose from.

Those who are involved in the organization of state or alternative points of instrumental control, addressed to the most sophisticated and expensive models. They are persistent, which is mounted a high-quality multi-gas monitor, the processor for computer processing of measurements, including expert assessment of performance of engine systems, monitor and printer. Reliability and lifetime of these devices allow for a dozen years of daily work in the continuous mode. For it will have to pay between 6,000 dollars and above. To equip the sites you can use the diagnostic analyzers class lower. They cost less. The most inexpensive instruments of domestic production. Most of them are made by the general scheme, using imported components than to a large extent determined and the final price of gas. Good domestic four-gas analyzers cost from 1500 dollars. Lovers of imported products offered instruments from America, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Korea. Four-unit good standard can be purchased for about 3 thousand dollars. Quality assembly, depending on the country of manufacture, of course, important, but do not forget to "ripen in the root, that is the origin of the measuring unit and power equipment unit, which we have already mentioned. We still widely distributed two-component gas analyzers both domestic and foreign production. The reason – a large fleet of domestically produced cars are not equipped with catalysts. Such gas analyzers considerably cheaper, but the title of the full diagnostic devices, even when serving the Russian cars can not qualify because of the scarcity of information obtained for analysis.