Russian Analyzers

The purpose of miniaturization – the maximum adapted instruments for research on the move, attempt to translate the diagnosis of "fighting" the situation of real modes of operation. If we talk about gas analysis, such an approach, first, allows you to measure exhaust emissions in the movement that now require standards of several states in the U.S Second, the transcript records changes in the composition of exhaust gases at various modes of motion gives a rich, qualitatively different information for analysis. It helps to clarify such details workflows that are not available for testing in boxing in the no-load conditions. In addition, very useful "bells and whistles" will be: additional sensors that allow measuring engine speed and oil temperature, built-in printer for printing the measurement results and the standard port for connection to a computer analyzer. The latter makes it possible for computer processing measurements and sozdanie database.

A good instrument will not damage the visual display, a simple and convenient mode control, automation of some modes: heating, installation of "zero", condensate removal, the transition to the regime of stand by. More emphasize once again that a good gas analyzer for diagnosis of modern engines, we mean at least a four-unit with the function of calculating the composition of the mixture. What's on the market The domestic market analyzers extensive. It features products with different degrees of perfection, from different manufacturers in a wide price range. In general, there are plenty to choose from.

Those who are involved in the organization of state or alternative points of instrumental control, addressed to the most sophisticated and expensive models. They are persistent, which is mounted a high-quality multi-gas monitor, the processor for computer processing of measurements, including expert assessment of performance of engine systems, monitor and printer. Reliability and lifetime of these devices allow for a dozen years of daily work in the continuous mode. For it will have to pay between 6,000 dollars and above. To equip the sites you can use the diagnostic analyzers class lower. They cost less. The most inexpensive instruments of domestic production. Most of them are made by the general scheme, using imported components than to a large extent determined and the final price of gas. Good domestic four-gas analyzers cost from 1500 dollars. Lovers of imported products offered instruments from America, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Korea. Four-unit good standard can be purchased for about 3 thousand dollars. Quality assembly, depending on the country of manufacture, of course, important, but do not forget to "ripen in the root, that is the origin of the measuring unit and power equipment unit, which we have already mentioned. We still widely distributed two-component gas analyzers both domestic and foreign production. The reason – a large fleet of domestically produced cars are not equipped with catalysts. Such gas analyzers considerably cheaper, but the title of the full diagnostic devices, even when serving the Russian cars can not qualify because of the scarcity of information obtained for analysis.


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