1. Your company is working with people and looking for new clients and partners to pay attention to every client we have to choose: either to inflate the staff personnel, or to create long queues. In this case we are not immune from what our consultant something to forget, confuse, do not understand the customer. A potential customer can simply be ashamed to ask a question, not wanting to show their incompetence, or not be able to formulate it. And what if the client need to examine the documents and regulations, or forms? Information kiosk in such a situation is simply irreplaceable. It can not only complement the counseling staff, but also to replace them. Unlike your employees, it does not require weekends and breaks, it is never a bad mood and he owns a large amount of information. The intuitive interface is available to any user, regardless of its ownership skills computer.

Information kiosk affable, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 2. Are you interested in providing information about goods and services of your organization giving consumers an opportunity to find information about you and your services, you increase their level of loyalty. Enter search criteria on the criteria and categories, the customer finds it important to be informed, so treatment becomes more address. Graphic, animated or video information will be received better than the current texts.

Information Kiosk – an electronic expert. 3. You hold rallies, contests, sweepstakes for your customers and visitors Informational kiosk can even hold daily rallies and competitions, to convey to consumers information on current promotions and events.


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