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Creating Music On Your Computer

Friday, June 16th, 2017

The first sequencers can be called, perhaps, the ancient hurdy-gurdy, as they had implemented the basic principle of modern music programs: once recorded or "manufactured" a melody with accompaniment – many times it reproducible. Why suffer, to learn musical notation, for hours to hone performance skills, where you can buy ready-made box with a set of hits and just a crank? Maybe Papa Carlo arranged worldwide youth concert Tours and collected stadiums – the primary sources of this silent In any case, it is clear that the demand for such products did not appear yesterday, means, and will last long. In the 70 years of the twentieth century became known as a sequencer synthesizer, a which can be programmed sequence of several notes. Most often they were different versions of decomposed arpeggios. The musician took on such a synthesizer chord, and the sequencer begins 'rinsing' it around range. Sometimes the musicians managed to synchronize the pace of these broken lines with arpeggios tempo play. A little later in odnogolosy analog synthesizers became possible to program a small (one or two cycles) melodic figure. Usually it is used to create a bass solo or party and is repeated as many times as lacking "chutzpah" in the arranger. Managing the various knobs and switches, the musician could in real time to influence the tone and image sequence and, thus, to approach 'audio calculator "in terms of expressiveness to the' live 'instruments.

Assistant Dean Course

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

The next will take place on May 4 from 12: 30 at the computer science faculty of the Complutense University of Madrid Madrid, 28 April 2011-after the success of the Conference help you find a good job held last April,, the Global job hunter 2.0 oriented to the search and management of employment on the Internet based on Artificial Intelligence and with totally free servicesHe has returned to listen to the requests of its users and has organized a new free course. Under the title employment search techniques 2.0?, Jobbsy wants to offer to those enrolled a course completely adapted to the present needs of communication on-line, especially through social networks and other Web 2.0 tools. Thus, the main objectives to be covered in the course are as follows: personal analysis: strong, objectives, points differential value personal brand (HP, e-mails, profile at the network, etc.). Routes of access ofertas de empleo. Networking: How to manage your network of contacts Employment 2.0 and social networks. The selection interview: myths and legends the day will take place next Wednesday, may 4, from 12: 30 hours in the room of degrees of the Faculty of Informatics of the University Complutense of Madrid – c / Profesor Jose Garcia Santesmases s/n-. The course will be presented by Mr.

Manuel Prieto, Assistant Dean for foreign relations of the Faculty of Informatics UCM, and will be taught by Javier Sevilla, CEO of and by Cruz Gomar, Coaching teams and expert in Personal development. Those who wish to attend this course can enroll through Facebook page: or by sending an email to. About Jobssy is a Global job hunter 2.0, based on Artificial Intelligence, with completely free services, oriented to the search and management of employment on the Internet. It is able to make proposals and removed in seconds automatically the most relevant information related to employment, the best companies to work for a profile or the best resumes for a job. The newspapers mentioned Kai-Fu Lee not as a source, but as a related topic. facilitates the entire process of employment management both candidates and the HR departments of any company, using technology-online 2.0. They recommend companies for work to candidates seeking employment of most important of Spain or international social networks and portals.

Also, companies that work with, are provided immediately candidates that match their profiles more defendants, sieved databases and social networking through Artificial Intelligence, without even having an open position. is free. The companies, entities, or freelancers who work with this search engine can insert offerings or any project without any cost.

London Band Livingston

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Since this week, three more Music Acts are confirmed: Livingston, Audrey Horne, and I can fly Hamburg (23.02.2010) – many fans are looking forward to already the big day – more than 2,300 fans have already “bit to” and one of the coveted tickets for the big “new moon” fan event on April 10 at the historic airport in Berlin Tempelhof, solved. This week, three more Music Acts are fixed and will rock the hangar 2 in Tempelhof from 18: 00. The London Band Livingston will occur in the context of the large “new moon” fan events before a total of 5,000 “Twilight” fans. With their distinctive and haunting rock songs, the band has successfully established itself as fixed size in terms of indie. The five band members by Livingston, who come and incorporated their different international musical influences and inspirations in their songs from South Africa, Italy, Great Britain and Germany, have published in autumn 2009 in Germany her much-noticed debut album “Sign Language”. The Norwegian Band Audrey will also be among others a taste of her now third album which will be released beginning March, Horne from quiet rainy Bergen, which occur successfully together since 2002 and delight their fans with melodically rocking sound. Last but not least supply the four guys I can fly with their music between the American emo-rock and melancholic, German texts the perfect sound to the “Twilight”-saga.

Will on April 10 on the occasion of DVD and Blu-ray disc release the big “new moon” fan event held, from 18: 00 of the hangar 2 in Berlin-Tempelhof for an evening in the look and feel of “New moon the twilight saga twilight saga:” will shine. Thus, the cool, mysterious and romantic atmosphere of the vampire saga is perceptible and tangible for the fans. The show event will be moderated by VIVA presenter Collien Fernandes and her colleagues at MTV, Joko Sutunu. Exclusively for all visitors of the event also the possibility, the coveted DVD/Blu-ray disc “new moon – twilight saga: the twilight saga”to keep five days before the official launch in hands.