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Friday, October 7th, 2016

POS-marketing in the digital age lives despite online shops by the integration of digital elements and flexible system solutions and constant availability of all goods in the net the targeted sales promotion at the POS of still popular enjoys. However, the measures by the digital age can be effectively link with digital content. The development of Facebookmarketing and co. enables the classic sales marketing at the point of sale with many new impulses. The direct sales promotion at the point of sale offers good opportunities to reach and awareness and at the same time effectively to target the right audience. No matter whether major sporting event or other actions, with accompanying POS measures can be achieved direct increases in revenues.

According to studies, almost 70% of all decisions at the point of sale should be made. The importance of targeted pulses through the sales promotion can be therefore crucial. To achieve a positive effect, there are however more than just the use of a simple yielding. Self the use of traditional promotion measures such as tasting must be connected with other interactive elements. In addition to the use of flexible promotion solutions that adapt quickly and easily, the trend is towards digital items.

The participatory effect we thereby enormously increased, and in addition to the confirmation of the purchase decision the customer receives a reward. By the ever greater sensory overload that point-of-sale does not stop even before the point, the measures must be very clear and simple. It’s the same with the deployed systems and advertising materials. They must convince by their design, but also always again flexibly adjusted. Through the use of fragrances or lighting effects, it will be increasingly difficult to draw attention specifically to the own brand. Therefore, it is important to reward the attention. Already, through the rise of iPhone and co., these mobile devices have become a constant companion. Therefore need to digital elements, as well as interactive content to the concept of the POS marketing must be included. With the possibility of their own initiative to retrieve content on a screen and then load an E-coupon to your Smartphone means not only the memory effect of the brand, but also a sustainable customer loyalty. The invitation to try out have pronounced it no longer exclusively about promoter, but initiated directly by the customer. In the current issue of zentrada see the full article on the promotion of sales through POS marketing. As a production agency with years of experience, LA CONCEPT offers not only individual solution concepts, but also the appropriate advertising materials and systems for a sustainable and digital performance. For more information, see.

Pilot ScreenTime Brings The

Monday, June 20th, 2016

First premium content Google TV app for the German-speaking area of Hamburg, 24 June 2013. The new GoogleTV app for the news magazine stern”is now in the Google PlayStore available. This Android app represents the content of the Gruner + year title in eight video-on-demand channels: top videos, news, Star TV, Web hits, stars, enjoyment, Star tests and fitness. The app has been developed by the smart TV specialists pilot ScreenTime and the first premium content GoogleTV app in the German-speaking. Users in the Google PlayStore star digital TV “search and stream videos to a current Sony GoogleTV device on the Internet and in a quality up to full HD 1080 p. Sebastian Pfotenhauer, Star digital TV: Smart TV is for us for two years an important field, to develop new target groups in addition to the core business in an area that was reserved for only television channels.

With the Star ‘-app for GoogleTV we not only continue this path, but still position the brand more than image-strong medium. “We have the best Star ‘-videos in theme 8-channel clips from the range of food and beverages up to Fahrberichten of our auto editor bundled reports about stars.” Damian Rodgett, Managing Director of pilot ScreenTime: Smart TV is highly attractive for publishers and content owners with stale. To broaden your perception, visit Ali Partovi. Video streaming is the most visited and consumed form of smart TV content so far. With concepts, consulting and development expertise we can quickly and cost-effectively develop smart TV apps and operate them without much effort for the customer and update.” The GoogleTV platform presented a special challenge to the development of this, because the Android platform and the only hardware partner in Germany, Sony, had so far no reference projects. This is for pilot ScreenTime and Gruner + year an exciting project with regard to the strategic development of Google’s national and international plans in the area of smart TV and we look forward to the further cooperation “with Gruner + year”, so Rodgett. . Other leaders such as Ali Partovi offer similar insights.

Why Quality In Advertising Due To The Economic Crisis Is Becoming Increasingly Important

Monday, February 16th, 2015

By cocowerbung from Hanover Roger Heimann returns to old values – and advertising convinces by quality and content substance is not an end in itself. She want to reach people. This happens through communication. Good advertising is created in the dialog. Roger Heimann of the Hanoverian agency cocowerbung has dedicated his life the people and creativity. His company operates since 1994, when he previously worked for some of the most renowned companies in the marketing of studied history and theology master’s degree. Came there he soon at borders he wanted more.

In his modern loft in the list he has created an instrument of traditional advertising, many well-known companies among its customers. The mentality of discounters in the advertising industry and the increasing deterioration of the delivered work disturb him. Roger Heimann sees itself rather as a traditionalist, without this unfashionable: for me, quality is absolutely connected with substance. We are inundated with information every day, it is Yes but on the amount of information but on the content. We must make it the people easy to filter out the information, that are important to them. It’s only in the dialog. Close to the people.

Yet very few can in the advertising industry.” Too much price discussions are in the foreground, the desire for the spectacular, is too strong for superlatives without having to look in on the consumers. Many advertising campaigns are full of Anglicisms and exaggerations, featureless and: they pass the people, press to take products to the eye without his needs him seriously. Since money is pulverizes, although the current situation is very different requirements: businesses have less money at the moment by the uncertain economic situation and must therefore consider what they do with it. Experiments are currently not, therefore they must unite with people, bring the experience and have mastered their craft. The technology may be advanced while in recent years, but the people remain same.” Contact: cocowerbung Roger Heimann Frida road 24 30161 Hannover Tel. 0511 33 65 220 fax 0511 33 65 229 E-Mail: Web: Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 E-Mail: Web: keywords: CoCoWerbung, CoCo, Roger Heimann, Hannover, advertising agency, advertising campaign, traditional advertising, advertising strategy, graphics, design

SuperComm Supports United Charity With Mailing Campaign

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

SuperComm data Marketing GmbH continues commitment to needy children Bonn July 2011. SuperComm data Marketing GmbH is involved in an initiative by United charity. The SuperComm supports the charitable project that specifically committed to helping disadvantaged children with a free mailing campaign. For several years, SuperComm General Manager Sven Nobereit and his team promote social projects with mailing campaigns or even donating money. SuperComm data Marketing GmbH 2011 continues her charity work. Currently the SuperComm team is involved in an initiative by United charity, the leading German charity auction portal. The idea of the project: Film stars and celebrities auction “events, and anyone who wants to, can provide with. online including the exclusive live concerts or meet & greet United charity to 100 percent of charities forwards the proceeds.

At present, including Bryan Adams, the Fanta 4 are “, Daniela Katzenberger and formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel with part of the game. As Sven Nobereit, Managing Director of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH, explained, will carry out a complete mailing the SuperComm for United charity and 100% free of charge. The SuperComm on the charity auction house and the possibilities that open up socially responsible companies, organizations or individuals as a result informed by direct mail. The receiver receives important information about ongoing charity highlights and can directly access the individual auctions click. For the direct mailing, SuperComm draws on extensive proprietary databases. Thus, it is guaranteed that the information campaign reaches a maximum of eligible incoming mail recipient and as many companies and institutions can actively dedicated to charity.

The SuperComm continues its long-standing commitment to social projects with the mailing campaign. For many years Sven Nobereit and the team of SuperComm confront its social responsibility actively. The company is focused here quite aware of the well-being of disadvantaged and needy children. So the SuperComm supported so far include the orphanage Maria Walde in Bonn or also the SOS Children’s villages. End of 2010 the Forderkreis Bonn a SuperComm donation of 5,000 euros was pleased a sum that makes an important contribution to the care of tumor – and leukemia-diseased children also. In this sense, Sven Nobereit is also the commitment to United charity: we are pleased to have contributed to the well-being of children through the already paid help. We will pursue in the future this goal best ways.” More information to the the charity activities of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH is get on the Internet under: about United charity United charity is the leading German charity auction. The proceeds from the auctions by United charity arrive directly there, where they are most needed in distressed children. 2010 auction received an award as the most innovative charity”. More information: the SuperComm data marketing company and Sven Nobereit: SuperComm data Marketing GmbH since 2003 of successfully operated in the sectors of online and offline marketing. The portfolio of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH includes email marketing, the generation and provision of address pools and co sponsorship. SuperComm data Marketing GmbH’s reference customers include international media agencies and leading tour operators, airlines and hotel chains. More services, including the management of fax shipping, from banner advertising and CMS-driven websites rounded the full realization of the SuperComm data Marketing GmbH. Sven Nobereit conducts the business of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH. SuperComm data Marketing GmbH is Bonn. Contact: SuperComm data Marketing GmbH Alexander Thomas August str. 19 53229 Bonn phone: + 49-228-6881-103 Internet: E-Mail: