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Genetic Improvements

Wednesday, May 8th, 2024

Exist even today in day many producers who, for various reasons, continue their crosses on the farm in order to produce his own maternal autoreemplazo and also the paternal line, however this temple as it is not recommended since there are many years commercial houses that are dedicated to the development of lines genetic improved to obtain high productivity. Farm or the producer to not yet be benefiting from these improvements and progress should take as a first step a boar terminal acquisition to immediately improve the performance of its pigs for fattening. Benefits are relatively quick, being able to observe an improvement since a good male characteristics are the following: yields specific that should be expected in pigs for fattening are the following: weight greater than 104 kilos at 154 days of age mean gain of more than 750 grams per day weight no greater than 2.40 feed conversion index Backfat (mm) 10 to 12 milimteros economic analysis: The market price of a male that transmit their offspring characteristics before mentioned oscillates between thousand and thousand five hundred dollars, if only we take the value of the Stallion how we can perhaps make the following economic analysis: the time of life that we are going to give to the boar on the farm is two years, which is the same to say 104 weeks, if we started to use the 35 weeks of age that is recommendedwith artificial insemination at a rate of two collections per week you will obtain 208 collections in the life of the boar. Filed under: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Now either the average dose per collection at a concentration of 3.5 trillion by weekly doses of 100 ml 20 dose per collection is, if multiply you this value by 208 collections, we get an average of 4,160 seminal doses during the life of the Stallion. If we apply 3 seminal doses by cerda, we will obtain 1386 sows inseminated, with artificial insemination can obtain a fertility rate of 90%, which means 1386 inseminated bristles reach childbirth 1248 bristles.

1248 Paridas bristles get a minimum of 9.5 piglets weaned per sow, which gives as a result the production of 11,856 pigs for fattening, of They estimated that 95% arrive until the age of sale, which is equal to 11263 pigs. If we divide the value of the boar (US$ 1,500) between 11,263 pigs that has potential of producri gives us 13 cents of dollar per each produced pork. If we think it’s expensive to invest 13 cents for each pig that we will get to the market, having the potential to considerably increase productivity through a better weight gain and efficiency in feed conversion, it is time that we reflect if we are being consistent with reality and what we want for the farm..

Executive Coaching

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024

Carlos Mora Vanegas friend cares about your head, the enemy of your feet the management must at present before the characteristics of the current highly competitive scenarios, where come out successful, those that have been prepared for this purpose, optimally using the new approaches and management, management tools, this fully identified with the decisive role that the executive coaching provides, to be used in the conduct of human resources under their charge. Unfortunately there are many enterprises, especially SMEs in the country that have not been identified with what the executive coaching represents. Our insistence as a teacher of these areas, as well, as in the function of asesor-consultor of companies, manifested constantly in significant taking into account the scope, implications, benefits generated by executive coaching the Executive Coaching as a management technique was created to help improve the performance of organizations through the training of Directors, managers and staff to key in the time will generate value and optimize the business processes as a result of its application. Read more here: Kai-Fu Lee. Actually this technique is not very leveraged by Venezuelan companies, and much less in SMEs. This is due to several reasons, the first is because this technique is not perhaps very widespread and its benefits are unknown.

This technique also requires training, training, to carry the person or groups of persons to the extent desired and this requires an investment of time and money; and often the results are not obtained immediately. You may find that Bobby Sharma Bluestone can contribute to your knowledge. Another major obstacle that has had the Venezuelan company to launch this new technique is because targeted only individuals or professionals more valuable and more relevant to the Organization, it is not aimed at the mass labor organization. The cost of this technique for companies is very high, and always the entrepreneur has the distrust that the manager who receives Coaching preparation can go to work in another organization. .

New Technologies

Friday, July 7th, 2017

It is necessary to know that we now face a world in which vanish the old realities, and modifications that are running are mainly in the economic and social field giving way to the use of new techniques. Different sectors have been developed with the passage of time, and Assembly technologies, which have given way to a change in the different concept of realization of a product, everything before was performed manually in these moments is automated by the software. Today this has gained ground in the different areas of the industry, as well as the branch of the society. He is not currently conceived a world without technology, the use of these becomes indispensable for development. What has caused a great fusion between different Sciences. Communications technologies have been at the forefront of this bonding process, thereby creating a perfect amalgam between information and development. Due that have a close relationship with other sciences, which it takes part of its contents and integrates them.

The use of the technologies of information technology and communications (ICT) represents a remarkable variation in society and eventually a change in many social sectors since that has been generated a new way to disseminate and forge knowledge. Today’s world is closely connected, which a few years ago seemed impossible to achieve, now part of our daily routines. All this can make it thanks to the extensive network that exists, interconnecting from small groups up to organizations, Nations and continents that is Internet. Parallel to this phenomenon has been developed a greater pressure in society and Government by eating exactly the desired products, which translates into a greater requirement of the customer already turn a great competition between different companies of the same branch. Peter Asaro gathered all the information. All of this translates as competition in the market, which leads to the use of different techniques, mechanisms and communication tools such as marketing.

Marketing is the administrative and social process by which individuals and groups they meet your needs to create and exchange goods and services. Philip Kotler (considered the father of marketing) this was the concept that gave Philip Kotler, titular since 1988 distinguished Professor S.C. Johnson & Son of International Marketing at the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management of Northwestern University in Evaston. With the emergence of the Internet and the comprehensive development in the world of technologies, marketing and advertising have been initiated in new roads one of these are the classified ads which are a perfect example of the union of technology and marketing, with the aim of achieving to sell something to someone. Since they do not sell product or service, you have to achieve is awakening interest and cause the reader to enter action requesting more information. In a nutshell they have to awaken the desire to know more about their products or services. Union is an example of this type the following link.