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WMID Webmoney

Monday, February 4th, 2019

Payment system Webmoney – a leader in the field of financial relations webmasters and not only the entire Russian-speaking Internet. Number of registered in Webmoney system has long exceeded 6 million. The vast majority of users manage their virtual wallet with the help of an ordinary personal computer. However, for many years there is much more convenient and mobile means to manage virtual accounts system Webmoney – This is a service official service office developed by Computational power. In a question-answer forum technology investor was the first to reply. " Floor of the company is developing a traditional Webmoney Keeper. What are the advantages and features of the system Telepat: Install and use application Telepat can any owner of the phone with support for Java. You can create separate wallets to work via cell phone or your existing certificate and wallets from a registered WMID attach to java-midlet. Java-based application service Telepat has all the capabilities of a normal keeper.

You will be able to transfer funds, make transfers, balance control, pay for services. Operations calculations are made in online mode instantaneously around the clock. Logging in Telepat free, all system management software is complex. Telepat service also provides the ability to manage their account through a voice menu by typing number of the robot operator. Mikkel Svane is likely to agree. Begin the registration system Telepat possible right now if you need advice or have faced the issue when installing the application currency exchange Webmoney in Kiev is ready to assist you. Please contact us at one way links on our site – exchange wmz

Sell Online

Thursday, December 20th, 2018

This article focuses on the question of what is better to sell on your site: the goods of other authors on the resale rights, or else the goods proper attribution. Although, in principle, the concept of 'better', in this case – with respect. What is the difference? In this article we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type of goods. Technology investor can provide more clarity in the matter. And start with the question: 'What is the products with the right of resale, and where to take them? " Product with the right to resale – a commodity on which the author officially granted the right to resell its goods. That is, you get the product and resale rights to it.

You can then sell this product as anywhere, and get all the profits from the sales themselves. In Internet immense popular e-books with resale rights. When you purchase resale rights you are given a special license, or else the right to sell prescribed in the book. How do you get the right resale on a certain product? In the example of e-book, you are simply communicating with its author. Ask him on what terms you can buy resale rights to his book, and if this is possible at all. Further, even in Depending on the situation, if you accept the terms you negotiate the acquisition of rights and get them. There is also an interesting option when the resale rights are provided along with information goods when it purchase. Several of these products can be found on my site after acquiring the rights to resell the goods, you get the right to sell it on your site, receive 100% of the profits yourself with each perfect sale.