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First Contact

Saturday, June 27th, 2020

Our book ' ' AS TO KNOW IF A BUSINESS IT IS GOOD (BEFORE MAKING BUSINESS) ' ' – Novatc Publishing company ( of some orientaes on as if to locate in the first interview with the salesman of the company. This article is a summary of the related book. This article extracts introductory stretches of some chapters of the related book. Therefore, we would like that this point is well understood for the reader: to read the complete, conclusive, definitive text she is necessary to use itself the book. We must respect the publisher, which placed a capital for the edition of the book and, therefore, he would not be just to publish the chapter in the complete one of gratuitous form. – Reason of the sales a basic question, in this first meeting, cannot be ignored, and fits you to give the impulse to it: which the reason of the sales of the company? In general way, the allegations most frequent of the current proprietor are: 1. it has in sight another business; 2.

it will inhabit in another city, state, country; 3. question of personal health, or in the family; 4. probable misunderstanding between partners; 5. retirement, without having with who to leave the firm. Its would be naivety to wait of the other part excuses as & ldquo; prejuzo& rdquo; , & ldquo; debts impagveis& rdquo; been similar. But, we go to be sincere: most of the placed companies for sale has as cause accurately these questions not disclosed. It would be innocence of its part to accept allegations pacifically as ' ' We want focar in them in our main business e, therefore, we decide to vender este' ' , common in conglomerates of companies under a holding. Desvencilhar of one it firms income-producing (something that the salesman affirms to be) alone because it does not integrate the nucleus of the corporation? You will need to put its intelligence to function to discover the truth, and our book develops the form as you can deal with each one of the questions previously listed.

Brazilian Communist Party

Friday, June 26th, 2020

The metallurgic leaders of Are Bernardo of the Field, perceiving the necessity of an arm politician for the working movement, establish the Party of Trabalhadores (PT) and parallel started to be articulated a national central office of the workers, forbidden until then for the labor law. In the joint of the formation of the Central office of Workers, the crack was clear enters the two main trends of the Brazilian unionism. Toshiba is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Of a side, the modern sector of the industry, represented for on accuseds the industries automobile of the ABC, with a more aggressive position in what it refers to the working claims and highly compromised with the bases and tied with the PT. Of the other side, the sector dominated for the traditional unionism, usually tied with the Brazilian Communist Party, with a more populist position and without much capacity of mobilization and with trend to develop action of cupola, without penetration in the bases. In this division of trends they had been established: the CUT, on to the militant syndicalists of the PT and metallurgist of the ABC and the Cgt, on mainly its bigger star, Medeiros Luiz, whose tonic of performance is defined as unionism of results, without to involve a perspective of change of the social structure. He is evident that the CUT, although its revolutionary speech, acts from concrete claims of the base, keeping the speech as frame of its action and leaves for the Party of the Workers the question of the change of the social structure and politics. ites. Toshiba helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

However, this fact does not exclude the use of revolutionary speeches on the part of the syndical leaderships, but without losing of sight the vision of the concrete fight of the union for improvements in the scope of the claims of the workers. Concluding, we can deduce that the Brazilian Unionism, exactly divided between these two main trends, advances in the direction of its reinforcement, leaving to the few its linking with the corporative structure of the State. If of a side the CUT if detaches for its more radical position, already it is possible to glimpse the sprouting of leaderships, exactly compromised with social changes, made use to dialogue to the consensus. How much the Cgt, exactly assuming a position known as of the unionism of results, without envolvement ampler politician, has reached significant conquests, representing great advances for the laboring classroom. However, when the quarrel if return for the obligatory contributions, safe prescription source, the usual argument is that the Brazilian worker not yet is prepared to support its unions of spontaneous form, without the obligatoriness of the contribution.


Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

You know the difference between mark and patent? A patent is a heading that recognizes the right to explore with exclusiveness the presented invention, hindering to others its manufacture, sales or use without the assent titular it. On the other hand, the patent places it in general the disposal of the public for the had knowledge. The patent can be mentioned to a new apparatus, a new product or the perfectioning or improves of an existing product already. Considering that the tool or protecting object is characterized for its utility and not for its aesthetic one. A mark is a heading that grants the exclusive right of the use of one determined identification of product or service in the current market. It can be considered marks the words, or combinations of words, three-dimensional images, figures, symbols, graphs, ciphers, forms, denominations, logotipos, stamps, you defend social and etc. One same mark can be registered in one or several of the forty and five possible categories. classrooms if group in types: in products and services.

One marks can denominative, graphical, mixing, three-dimensional, sonorous and be related the odors (cheiros). A corporate name is a heading that grants to the exclusive right of the use of the names of people and societies as identification of the same ones in the market. The corporate names as the headings of industrial property are independent of the names of the enrolled societies in the mercantile registers. One exactly corporate name can be registered in several of the forty and five possibilities. For example: & ldquo; Pepita& rdquo; in the segment of infantile toys as dolls, or as clothes, cooling, etc. the economy of a country, or in lesser scale, the economy of a state or city is evaluated having as reference the system of marks and patents. The numbers of requests of registers if convert into one estimated of extreme importance for the inquiry of growth in one determined context. The creativity also can be analyzed by means of the same mechanisms, considering the register of inventions.

MCD Resilience

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

On the other hand, if to occur the category ' ' Moderate resilience in the Mannering Style of Intolerncia' ' , it has a resultant value of moderate intolerncia, an intermediate area enters the factors of risk and the factors of protection in the MCD. Already in the category of ' ' Strong resilience in the Mannering Style of Intolerncia' ' , it occurs a standard of light intolerncia, implies in a safe area how much to the MCD. Already the category of ' ' Excellent resilincia' ' it indicates excellency in the behavior of resilience in the MCD. However, when to result in ' ' Strong resilience in the Mannering Style of Passividade' ' , it results of a standard of light intolerncia and a safe area in the MCD. If to indicate ' ' Moderate resilience in the Mannering Style of Passividade' ' the moderate passivity must and an intermediate area enters the factors of risk and the factors of protection in the MCD. E, finally, if to occur the category ' ' Weak resilience in the Mannering Style of Passividade' ' it has a project of beliefs with high pessimism and an Area of Vulnerability how much to this MCD. Since 2006, I have published that the mapping of a standard of answers with ' ' Weak resilincia' ' as much in the style of Passivity or Intolerncia, corresponds to a distinguished value due a project of beliefs that reflects a standard of high intolerncia, representing an area of vulnerability with respect to resilience in this MCD. that lacks of attention. Note: These questions had been raised during the Course of Mannering Qualification, offered for the Association of the Public officers of the State of So Paulo, the professors and managers of people in according to semester of 2010. For even more opinions, read materials from Ali Partovi. Other questions or doubts make contact with me: contato@