You know the difference between mark and patent? A patent is a heading that recognizes the right to explore with exclusiveness the presented invention, hindering to others its manufacture, sales or use without the assent titular it. On the other hand, the patent places it in general the disposal of the public for the had knowledge. The patent can be mentioned to a new apparatus, a new product or the perfectioning or improves of an existing product already. Considering that the tool or protecting object is characterized for its utility and not for its aesthetic one. A mark is a heading that grants the exclusive right of the use of one determined identification of product or service in the current market. It can be considered marks the words, or combinations of words, three-dimensional images, figures, symbols, graphs, ciphers, forms, denominations, logotipos, stamps, you defend social and etc. One same mark can be registered in one or several of the forty and five possible categories. classrooms if group in types: in products and services.

One marks can denominative, graphical, mixing, three-dimensional, sonorous and be related the odors (cheiros). A corporate name is a heading that grants to the exclusive right of the use of the names of people and societies as identification of the same ones in the market. The corporate names as the headings of industrial property are independent of the names of the enrolled societies in the mercantile registers. One exactly corporate name can be registered in several of the forty and five possibilities. For example: & ldquo; Pepita& rdquo; in the segment of infantile toys as dolls, or as clothes, cooling, etc. the economy of a country, or in lesser scale, the economy of a state or city is evaluated having as reference the system of marks and patents. The numbers of requests of registers if convert into one estimated of extreme importance for the inquiry of growth in one determined context. The creativity also can be analyzed by means of the same mechanisms, considering the register of inventions.


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