Post-employment Corporate Competitive Advantage

Corporate competitive advantage through company pension plan the sustained and growing skills shortage is already one of the first visible symptoms of short – and medium-term irreversible demographic change of in Germany. The local labour market is subject to a continuous change, whose Herausforderungen must confront the company that success or failure of a company depends on quite crucially their employees. Cuts in the statutory pension insurance and the looming supply gap in retirement can therefore greatly increase the current and future importance of an attractive State-sponsored company pensions as an incentive instrument for the recruitment and retention of skilled workers. The advantages are obvious: in addition to increase the satisfaction of current or potential employees by the them through this additional service the cost of the company pension plan are placed appreciation both to workers as well as Employer legal sozialabgaben – and tax-free and can lead to the saving of non-wage costs. A tax on employee side is delayed on the time of retirement. This tax deferral also relieves the worker as the future tax rate is usually already lower. For carrying out multiple options (direct insurance, pension fund, Provident Fund, direct commitment, pension funds), but all accompanied the often long-term experience of insurance companies in the area of occupational pensions and their active support for the employers very low overhead offer themselves. . Whenever altavista listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

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