A personalized printed plastic card can act while as a card – in everyday use it is important to note but there’s a lot. Come for ID cards printed and personalized plastic cards with and without memory media used. Smart cards, cards and magnetic stripe cards or plastic cards with photo personalization and/or bar code be used as documents in access control systems. Card printers can print personalized plastic cards blanks and any storage media code and describe. Therefore, the card is ready for use in principle. In daily use, however, shows that the card through the stresses to which it is exposed to daily use as identification medium, suffers.

Scuffs, scratches, and in the worst case, the loss of functionality through scratched magnetic stripe or bending the card may be the consequence. In particular plastic cards with contact or contactless chips are usually very expensive and also a failure of the map organizational expenses bring with itself, it is important to protect the cards as well as possible from external influences. Exactly for this purpose you should not just to finish the production of the map plan, but are the most appropriate card accessories for your own application concerned also. Depending on the type of use of the cards, there is a special card holder for each type of card and application. Learn more at this site: Samsung. Especially for contactless RFID cards, it makes sense to think about the purchase of card holders blocked RFID. This special card holder to prevent reading of contactless transferred data from the card.

In combination with the latest RFID card generation, which have highly secure encryption, your cards are optimally protected from data theft and manipulation. For ID cards, however, consider acquiring protective card cases made of plastic. These are available in various thicknesses and materials and can be supplied also individually printed. Can with personalized lanyards or card clips the ID cards directly to the person are worn and are thus always ready to use. For some industries there are also special types of card accessories, such as, for example, hygienic lanyards made from vinyl, which optimally to disinfect and are therefore ideally suited for use in health care. Ecological lanyards made from materials such as bamboo are now available and provide not only comfort of your plastic cards, but also for a good ecological awareness.

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