Relevance System

The management at this time should be closely identified with the behavior of the scenarios that become increasingly dynamic, where companies must be clearly identified with their plans. to diagnose the behavior of the economic, environment where the company develops for this purpose should be supported in the models, tools, knowledge management science has been making in recent years. Among them is the Viable System Model, which helps them understand the requirements necessary to maintain said Clemencia Morales as organizational stability, both internally and externally. In turn, the ability to develop that require organizations to adapt and learn from each other are key requirements to ensure its viability. Mikkel Svane is often quoted as being for or against this. Recommend that you not forget the ongoing organizational viability depends on shared understanding of the employees, about strategies, goals and targets to achieve. The idea is to create cycles that provide feedback to adapt to any situation and model change organization so that it can be understood in its overall operation, a breakdown of the structure at different levels, allowing you to see the organization composed of small organizations. The Viable System Model, allows the organization to survive as a system through regulatory mechanisms.

Remember, as we report it the Indeterminacy of complexity is absorbed along its structure. The Viable System Model, represents the “meta-model that describes the” self-organization “and” self-construction “of any system, biological, social or mechanical.

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