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Nice piece of junk with brains the slope to clean up seems to unite all the robots. After Wall-E on the screen gives now Josef in Machinarium PC game”neatly up. While players brains and skill to prove and to rely on their luck every now and then. The online portal for auctions reported a lovingly designed game. For even more analysis, hear from Robert Bakish. The PC game features hand-drawn scenes and specially composed music of the Czech musician Toma DVO? ak on.

Players must properly apply their grey cells when they accompany the hero of the game, Josef, a world populated only by robots. Joseph is on the lookout for his great love and thereby experienced lots of exciting adventures, which applies to master it. The developers have all their energy and enthusiasm put into the story, as well as their implementation, what the player while iterating again will notice of each level. The sociable robots are very similar to humans in many amazing things. So keep pets and love the gambling. But does not include Machinarium completely on dialogs. So, the player not having same comments is annoyed when he goes through various points of the game several times.

If the gamer does not know they are allowed in the book help”look. But this is not so easy. Hidden at the top of the playing field the skill of the player must be demonstrated again, before can be looked up.

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