Commercial Productivity

The success in the sales is moderate the profit of the results, that is to say by the fulfillment of the goals. The professional sales every time have more components of Science and less than Art. This makes the implementation of processes and methodologies necessary that guarantee the profit of the results. The methodologies of consultative sale are a necessary and useful mechanism in processes of complex sale. (A valuable related resource: Michael Dell). In Mind of Colombia we have developed Methodology D.O.S.A.R, like a tool to help to the organizations in the increase of its Commercial Productivity. D.O.S.A.R. (Diagnostic, Objetives, Strategy, Actions, Results) is a frame of " Thought Accin" flexible, that offers to the elements keys him to the professional salesman to initiate, to evolve and to close businesses.

It is assimilated what is called to processes of Consultative Sale, without having the rigidity of other types of methodologies of sales. In one first instance a Diagnosis is realised where the present situation of the client and the conditions will be analyzed under which a business can be developed; definition of the Objectives is indispensable if it wants to get to close a business; To establish a Strategy will determine the Plan of Action for the fulfillment of the objectives and finally the analysis of the Results will allow to realise a balance of the Plan of Action and the adjustments corresponding to the Strategy implemented during the process. DIAGNOSIS the diagnosis of the present situation of the client and the conditions for the development of a business, will allow him to establish the integral structure of the Plan of Work, will orient which it to identify the needs and present situation of the Client. We use a methodology that we called the Matrix of Questions 33. It is a set of 3 elements keys that there are to know the client, each of them composed of 3 questions: 1.


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