Prejudices Personality

All the human beings not only pass for innumerable evolutions throughout history, but throughout all its particular life. Periods of training evolutivos personal, that is what in fact it interests, is varied, such as: the instant that we think that we are all perpetual dependents of our parents in infancy; the instant that we think that we are perpetual free in the adolescence; the instant that we perpetual think to be worthless of the freedom and happiness in the adult life. Such evolutivos periods of training cause in many of the times irreversible effect in the personality of the person, where that the main factor is the emotional load that comes of hitchhiking with our experiences, therefore if in any of the evolutivos periods of training mentioned above, the experience will be positive, bigger they are the possibilities of terms a coated personality of auto-confidence, in diametrical opposing field if the experience will be negative, and other experiences will not be successful, the person will have a personality coated with low auto-esteem, and there everything its return it will contribute for the permanence of the feeling of that it is not capable. Let us see some practical examples in the next paragraph. In infancy, if the person grows being constantly reprehended, will have a thought of that everything what to make will be worthy of rebuke, and in the phase of the adolescence certainly will prevent many contacts, will open hand of many relationships, and when to arrive in the adult life, will be a fearful person to everything and to all, its return will prevent to the maximum to dislike those. (frightened the precision of as she seems that I am describing somebody that you know? This is alone one of some developed scientific studies already that I will present of simple and objective form for you in all my writings).


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