Russian Foreign Producers

For a long time Russian car did not feel competition from foreign producers – too much of a difference in price. With the advent of the market of Chinese art, everything changed. Reliable, proven stroyloschadkah Chinese truck chassis and capacious mixer settings in the near future are firmly entrenched in the market, surpassing and used mixers from Korea and Japan, and domestic appliances. Today, under the heading "Models" we present to you the mixers on the chassis of Howo, which represents the company "Fart-Foreign Trade." As a base for mobile mixers Howo selected two of the most popular in Russia chassis 6×4 and 8×4, the seventh series. These trucks do not accidentally today considered the most popular Chinese brand in this country.

Howo seventh series – the most advanced development of Chinese engineers. 7-Series heavy-duty truck HOWO – a fusion of advanced achievements of the global automotive industry. In the production were used key innovative technology, technical achievement and advanced solutions. External appearance of trucks in this series is peculiar rapidity and assertiveness. Cab. The standard length of the cabin is 2 meters.

Surround fairing reduces air resistance to a coefficient equal to 0,8, and effectively reduces fuel consumption. All-metal design is requirements of the Swedish technique to monitor level of car security. The cab of the truck is manufactured on a fully automated robotic welding production lines, designed by foreign engineers. The cabin has a very strong construction with increased lateral stiffness. The wide panoramic glass provides visibility, meet modern European standards.

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