Management Consultant

The next stage – 2004. Since 2004, we began consulting partner of the Community it directors of Ukraine and has since been actively developing its – In the end we had a "special" category of "contact" persons, which also required the revision of the "signs" in a personal card In 2005, due to the fact that we have launched the project "Management Consultant" in connection with "Assimilate" the market of management consulting, also introduced several changes to the classification of companies and contact persons. As a result, at the end of last year we completely "reconfigure" all directories signs What I have so much detail about all this writing? Just to illustrate the fact that the CRM-system is not only easy to work with the client, but also very hard work! After all information in the system should always be relevant, and this requires fairly substantial amount of time. Returning to the question of the market crm. Summarizing our experience, we can easily conclude that in our conditions: – when the competition still in its infancy (and in many industries it is virtually absent) ie – the market is largely deficient; – when the market is very "movable" – the client, his tastes, and solvency requirements are changing rapidly – when the company is developing at a rate of 50-100% a year-communication facility (eletronnoy, mobile), gradually covering all segments of the population – changes the look-and intra-political situation. Under these conditions, all the power of "best practices" and "consolidate business processes" is not strong and the weak side () CRM-systems.


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