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The world this moving, the necessity of mobility this increasing each time more. With this they appear new and coveted products that the main reason has to connect you the net. Today the Internet with the Smartphones is capable to have a good navigation, to put what it leaves to desire is the size of the screen, the joined maximum today in the market is of 4.1 counts. It is accurately that tablets enters, does not have the configurations of a computer here but if it is similar sufficiently, let us say that it is a Smartphone grando. Motorola Xoom MZ605 has its screen of 10.1 counts and resolution of 1280×800 pixels to attend films in HD is possible in this belezura. To the videos and contents web in general, it comes with the Adobe 10 Flash Player, wheel in the operational system Android, is compatible with the HTML5e language everything this weighs 730 grams. To read e-Book also is very comfortable in this telona, it visualizes and edits diverse types of archives as word, excel, pdf, etc. What more he impresses and the processor dual-Core, what provides a bigger speed to you of processing in multiple tasks, being in the access the Internet or the applicatory physicists of tablet.

In its part of multimedia you account with a camera of 5MP, zoom digital and flash led in its back camera, the advantage of 2MP for video called or conferences web. In the videos the capture is in HD and has the option to see in HDMI. But we cannot leave stops backwards most interesting of this device, you can connect the net 3G, Wi-Fi and if locate easily with the integrated GPS. Motorola Xoom already this available one for sales, for you that it carries through its purchases for net or in physical store, with the approach price of R$ 2100,00.


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