Lose Weight Diet

This is the story of the experience of diet raw vegan of Steve Pavlina, as he tells in his personal development blog. Visit Andy Florance for more clarity on the issue. Adaptation the detoxification period lasted about two weeks. Symptoms included bad breath, colds, headaches, drowsiness, mental confusion, problems of concentration, low libido, and an unsustainable up-and-down in my emotional state and alert. It was not until day 14 when I started to feel consistently well on this diet. Mental adaptation was much harder than the physical setting. Get all the facts and insights with Ali Partovi, another great source of information.

Even during the last week of the trial, it was difficult to put me in accordance with the amount of food that should be eaten each day. For example, the first day of the test I ate almost 4 kg of food, and the next day my scale marked that it was weighing 1,300 kg less. It is difficult to get used to that. Challenge this test seemed to me extremely challenging. It was, by far, the hardest 30 day trial which has made so far. Somehow became more easy after the first week that I got used to make me raw foods and to eat large amounts of food, but I still found it required a high level of self-discipline kept therein. It may be that by having transitioned so abruptly instead of more gradual changes over the years.

Diet raw vegan in general I liked the raw meal in this diet and I didn’t have too many problems with the variety, although making this test in the winter when the availability and quality of fresh production is not the best. I noticed that my desire for sweets decreased tremendously and was completely satiated for sweet fruits. Even when I returned to the food cooked after the test, I had no desire to eat anything besides fruit candy. Sometimes I felt overloaded with all the sweetness in this diet, but in general it wasn’t so bad.

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