Long Live Healthy Meals

Declining production volumes, sales volumes – also, growing unemployment, declining wages, falling purchasing power. And all the advertising goes in the same way, continuing to impose on us all the same values consumer society. Feast or Famine! What do you think, what part of the cost of your purchase goes to pay for advertising? Do not know? From 5 to 20 percent. I am glad you have this advertising? That is, if you receive any benefit from what is spent the money that way? Fun, perhaps? Or a deep sense of moral satisfaction? You say, abused. Not at all. It’s believed that CEO Of CoStar Group sees a great future in this idea. Of course, we live in a world of competition.

Of course, the competition gives us the right choice, and producers need to fight for a place under the sun. Recall how much cost the fashion clothing from speculators in the Soviet era, when the market and the competition was not. Some jeans – a salary. Again you say, abused. Yes, there is no same. Yes, advertising – it is a product that 99% of its customers brings nothing but irritation. Agree masterpieces in advertising are rare. I would like more – no, not created.

Of course, we need information about new products and services. But not in the same way! How much you can make fun of the psyche and the grind that the use of chicken cubes in cooking dinner, and brings that same family harmony. Yes, yes, the one wished for any a normal person. Well, everything, everything, I will not torment.


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