Customer Product

To obtain a reliable schedule outage is required, something to the process of fixing the status of this equipment carried out with the necessary for this frequency. As a rule, in large enterprises, such a procedure input is required daily and repeatedly. At most large companies now have installed erp and eam systems, which provide such an opportunity, but it is not implemented. Why is this happening? Because the initiators of the installation of these systems are not geeks, and economists. And, when the introduction of the program is to correct them level, further work is not, it’s mov and money that should be justified. Therefore, when the horizon appears outsourcer, with it comes the hope of bringing the service system to normal and estimated budget with sufficient accuracy. Only it needs to outsourcer place in the market as a competent and resource-intensive organization with a presence of its required software, and ready to sweat build a system. Organizations such a little, but they are there. And another important point. The appearance of such outsourcing does not mean that employees in the General Mechanics and chief power will work easier and simpler.

On the contrary, to create a system need huge resources of the customer, as they are the creators and legislators and technology policy at the company. And they must lay the foundation of the system is under construction meticulously and conscientiously. And this is a very big job. The minimum features that must have product in my opinion is: online multiplayer product that will work and the contractors and Contains client and updated continuously base serviced equipment grouped by shops, offices, branches of engineering processes, Gustavo etc. Has embedded algorithms for planning This equipment repair and service, allowing repairs to plan for any period has a base of normative documents on the basis of which is routine maintenance, including: consumables materials, the norms of their retirement, nomenclature and updated value; labor standards, technological sequence of operations, safe working conditions has nested method by which You can find plans for any period of time has all the necessary interfaces import and export is only a necessary minimum. Maximum is determined by the degree of skill outsourcing contractor and the flight of his imagination. Program product can be used by the Customer as free as a guarantor of good and long-term relationship with a contractor and payable. Usually this is corporate products designed Sziami own from scratch, or are purchased and adapted modules, object-oriented programming.


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