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DENEX linked specialized conference with trade exhibition on 9th July the Conference finds intelligent energy”instead, which deals with intelligent systems for the integration of renewable energy sources and distributed energy generation. The meeting is aimed at energy supply and service company, Stadtwerke, power companies, software, IT and electrical engineering company, facility management, architects and engineers. “The Conference intelligent energy”, which will be held on July 9th at the exhibition and Congress DENEX in Wiesbaden, sets itself apart with the topics of intelligent energy supply of the future: Smart grids, smart metering and smart buildings. Whether management of the network, new mobility concepts, interaction between consumers and utilities or intelligent building technology, the Conference broadly covers the complex range of topics. Furthermore, the fair special offers intelligent energy”a platform for this emerging and future-oriented market and presented in exhibition and Exhibitor Forum intelligente Concepts, companies and products. “At the start of the Conference Dr.

Uwe Braun goes from GE Energy Germany GmbH to the VDE study smart energy 2020: by the smart metering to the smart grid”, which analyses the potentials and problems of introduction of intelligent electricity meter and networks for the innovation location Germany and shows action of legal, technical and economic nature. Ralph Samulowitz lectured by Siemens AG the necessary IT – and communication infrastructures, which allow a targeted monitoring and controlling and networking utilities and consumers. Volker Lampmann from the regional project centre of electric mobility is Rhein-Main on the synergies between Smart power supply and E-mobility. These and other lectures give a comprehensive insight into the various key aspects of intelligent energy. The intelligent infrastructure of the future provides for decentralised energy producers better than so far in the supply network to include, energy efficiency the end user to increase and the proportion of renewable energies in accordance with to increase the climate protection goals by the Federal Government and the EU. When the end user installed smart meters should in the future about Smart grids with decentralized generation units can communicate to inexpensively remove electrical energy, as soon as it is generated. Energy storage, for example, devices for heating or cooling, battery and future electric cars, energy use can be made considerably more efficient than at the previous focus on the electrical load.

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