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LurTech Europe GmbH on CeBIT 2010 (Hall 3, booth D34) Hanover / Berlin, 25.01.2010 – DocYard is the new, comprehensive platform, which for the first time presented the LurTech Europe GmbH on CeBIT 2010 of the public. All functions that are necessary for an efficient document conversion, integrate centrally controllable workflow can be with her. Thus, the company underlines its position as the leading provider of integration platforms and production suitable for document conversion software. The target group for DocYard are including service as well as business users. You can build a centrally controlled production environment using the platform for their individual document processing. The environment is fast, flexible and cost-effective to modified requirements of document processing.

In addition, LurTech shows the current version 5.5 of the LurDocument PDF Compressor enterprise on their stand. This complete conversion solution covers the entire process chain for the scanning of documents the extraction of data to export for long-term archiving off. User and service are therefore not a variety of individually to configure tools rely on. Highlight of this year’s trade fair presence of LurTech is the new platform of DocYard. It allows the managing and controlling of workflows around the document conversion, where all process steps can be integrated user-specific. Due to the modular architecture of DocYard, companies can integrate existing components, such as E.g.

OCR solutions, with minimal effort and then centrally control and monitor. Already existing investments in systems and components are protected and are enhanced by the introduction of DocYard. About Carsten Heiermann, CEO of LurTech Europe GmbH: DocYard offers users extreme flexibility of installation and use. You can create for example, in the running of workflows and jobs without a graphical user interface programming, call, or customize. A new order can be thus creating in no time with the DocYard platform and productive work. All in the DocYard system distributed are ongoing jobs centrally in real time and monitor on the basis of reports to ensure always a temporally optimal and cost-effective processing of documents.\” Production environments built on DocYard platforms are seamlessly integrated completely central to manage and provide therefore a safe, time-optimal and cost-effective conversion of all documents.

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