Fraunhofer IAO

On the initiative of the BMBF, the Fraunhofer IAO accompany the strategic partnership productivity of services. Services are without a doubt a very important economic factor for Germany and in many industries at home. In addition, they allow a way out of the crisis many companies as new fields of business can be, for example, by combining services with innovative technologies open up. Around the theme”productivity of services there are many questions on the search economy and science still answers. Not lack of scientific methods, which were developed for the measurement of productivity.

“But, the fact is that unilateral consideration by productivity = output / input”is to focus on services. Here must be an increase in the productivity of the customers of the provider and will be considered in relation to their interaction. Essentially it comes to understand service productivity to measure and shape. The Ministry took this question are filled and takes approximately five minutes to complete. The acquisition and evaluation of responses is of course anonymously, so no conclusions about individual companies are possible. Upon request, participants will receive a summary of the results upon completion of the data analysis. lang – de /… Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

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