Education And Ethics

Education and ethics Professor: Ricardino Lassadier the world contemporary is fertile in schools. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ali Partovi is the place to go. In none another moment of the history of the humanity had as many offers of courses. The educational chains are diverse and the index of illiteracy in world-wide level was never so low. The options of studies and research are many facilitated by the technology. Then everything is going very well? Unhappyly not! It has something made a mistake? It is on this paradox that we intend to reflect in this briefing assay. In our days the schools consider important that the pupils have ability and domain technician, has ability in carrying through definitive function of productive and useful form, know the contents discipline of them given and take off good notes and concepts for, of this form, to obtain approval. You may find that Bobby Sharma Bluestone can contribute to your knowledge. Which the reason of these priorities in the education? For 1620 return the English philosopher Francis Bacon published its more important workmanship: Novum Organon.

In this workmanship, Bacon, defended the idea that the man is minister and interprets of nature (cf. BACON, 1973, p.19), would have to dominate the nature to obtain to usufruct its benefits, of this form the true knowledge for English philosopher inhabit in the utility. To know true is to know useful. This thought utilitarian conception approximately has four hundred years behind made possible the atrelamento of the education to the market and it (the education) it was changedded into instruction. When the education is become into instruction starts to value the technician-pragmatic knowledge. Born in the kingdom the mentality that values more the person who more produces. The individual most important is that one that has a prominence position. The people are valid for what they carry through, for what they produce, for what play and not for what they are, not for existing.


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