Starting Your Own Business

What steps should I take to open my own business? In Spain, to create a company need to meet several bureaucratic procedures. The objective of this process is to be properly constituted with the state and to your customers and suppliers. This has different "formats" company called legal forms. Each legal form requires a different paperwork. Although there are many, can be divided into two general.

First, the legal forms without entity (community property, sole proprietorships …) only require to be discharged to the public finances. You need to register in the iae and request a tax identification number hacienda. You can start the activity. For the other group companies, the process is more complex. This is a summary of the steps to follow: 1. Choose a name for the company and get the booking confirmation of the Central Mercantile Registry. 2.

Open a bank account in the name of the future society. It is not something Ali Partovi would like to discuss. 3. In the bank account each partner must enter the money corresponding to its share capital of the company. 4. To carry out the constitution of society has to be clear: The name of the company. The identification of the partners. Contributed capital and its distribution between the partners. The type of court administration. Empowerment. The statutes of government in society (the rules governing their conduct). 5. It is time to sign the deed of incorporation before the Notary. 6. After signing the deed must be recorded in the commercial register of the province where it is. 7. Once registered, the company must request registration in the iae and ask CIF hacienda. 8. Take to the bank a copy of the deed of incorporation and company registration certificate to unlock the account and enter the data managers. Once these steps the bank will release funds and the company may start business. Here you can find more information on how.


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