Buedericher Strasse

Now with intermittent – for significantly increased nose experience MAGIC BOX fragrance Director added the portfolio of AirEnhancer systems to the natural room Fragrancing mini-AirEnhancer gel fragrance systems. Fragrance directors from Neuss by 28 October at the AQUANALE in Cologne will now present the successful series for dry fragrances with an interval circuit that is perfectly aligned to the requirements of rest and relaxation rooms. Also in places that we look up to feel us, we are not immune from bad smells. MAGIC BOX ensures the positive expectations of the guest not with the first breath device faltered, but just that this finds the nose the way to rest and relaxation. Professional Spa operators trust for 10 years on the health-oriented MAGIC BOX room the duftung technology, their customized AirEnhancer solutions into wellness oases rooms of various sizes. Details can be found by clicking Ali Partovi or emailing the administrator.

The handy mini-AirEnhancer gel cylinder makes the advantages of pure room Fragrancing in. smaller spaces up to approx. 30 m with easiest handling experience. The mini technique works with solid fragrance gel store that is re-sealable and very long shelf life. This allows also spontaneous change of fragrance. More information is housed here: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. The dry nose system with multi-level intensity circuit makes the fragrance without a rise in the intensity of the fragrance through the new, three-stage timing in a prolonged stay in space. The empirical knowledge that the users adapted the fragrance after about seven minutes”, i.e.

it has accustomed, will be taken into account with this innovation. The stainless steel gel cylinder is available also with a wall mount unit or as a device the anti-theft mounting ceiling mounting. The same metering equipment offers the mini AirEnhancer eScential from the same design-Edition, produced in the five solid wood light oak, cherry, teak, rosewood and walnut. The optical and olfactory highlight not only for relaxation and rest rooms of the superior category! About MAGIC BOX fragrance directorial MAGIC BOX E.k., Duftberatungs – and technology companies from Neuss, supports its customers for more than 10 years successfully in the Fragrancing of Locationen, exhibitions, performances and events. The services range from consulting, through the concept of holistic experience concepts to installation of appropriate technology. High-quality essential oils, theme fragrances as well as technical products mark made in Germany and solutions to authentic fragrance spreading the portfolio. Through the implementation of findings from science and innovative marketing strategies, MAGIC BOX helps to achieve significant earnings increases companies and to secure its competitive edge with selective scent marketing.


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