The Simplest Way

The simplest way to measure intelligence is through the test, some more accurate than others, but that ultimately are never 100 reliable, even under the supervision of an expert, since it is very difficult to measure. In a question-answer forum Mikkel Svane was the first to reply. Obviously if you want to know your true IQ or at least the closest thing to reality the best we can do is advise you to a psychologist. Here are some websites leave so they can measure their intelligence. I hope so and not get bored before reaching half of the test (the majority is wrong xD). IQTest: test based on logic. Very good Porcierto: an organization dedicated to bringing together people whose IQ is within 2 of the population. To take the quiz you should contact the organization. Psicoactiva: test consisting of 40 questions you must resolve within 30 minutes. UV: page linked to the University of Valencia. It contains a test that has multiple types of exercises.

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