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Cell Technology

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

By now you see no doubt heard of hydrogen cell technology and if you re really ahead of the curve, you view heard of the hydrogen car kit. Even if you have heard of this kit, you may still be wondering exactly what it is. Hopefully we’ll be able to answer all of your questions. Hydrogen Cell Technology? First you have to understand that although hydrogen cell technology and the hydrogen car kit are similar in some ways, they are in fact two very different mechanisms. Hydrogen cell technology uses pure hydrogen as a substitute, whereas hydrogen car kits use a gasoline/water combination to essentially turn your vehicle into a water hybrid. Hydrogen cell technology is still a long way off from being perfected and viable, whereas conversion kits are available for use right now.

But how are you supposed to run your car on water? The answer is fairly simple. Without getting into too much chemistry, all you have to do is download the instructions on how to build the conversion device, hook it up, and go. You can find directions on how to assemble your conversion device on select websites across the web make sure you choose a site with a decent reputation and proof of quality of the information. How To Do It Once you have the instructions, buy the parts it suggests. Usually, you can get all the stuff you need at your local hardware store for about $20. These parts consist basically of a quart-sized glass jar, some electrical wiring, baking soda, to fuse, and a vacuum hose. Following the directions you have downloaded, assemble the device and fill it with water. Next, you hook up one end of the device to your battery and the other end to your engine s intake manifold attaches.

When you start your vehicle, the electrodes within the device will use a small amount of energy from your battery to transform the water within from H2O to HHO, which is one part oxygen and two parts hydrogen. HHO, commonly known as Brown s Gas, and less commonly Hydroxy or Water-Fuel, is a clean burning gas with no byproducts (besides water) that provides a great deal of energy. The addition of a hydrogen car kit has been known to double gas mileage in some cases. Conclusion These days, everybody is feeling the pinch of high gas prices and we re all looking for a way to save money. Some people just aren t driving as much and some have even gotten rid of their car altogether. There s no reason to take such drastic measures when you can easily solve your problem by turning your vehicle into a water hybrid. Even if you re just a little handy you can assemble and install one of these kits. If it seems too far over your head, you may even be able to find a mechanic to do it for you most charge about $300 for the service. To read more click here: Viacom. The addition of a hydrogen car kit can save you a lot of money and help the environment.