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Medical Procedures

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

Nostalgia for the old Soviet era draws vacationing in the Crimea. Years developing the infrastructure of the Crimean resorts, unique landscapes and memories of happy days of my youth is no substitute for either externally fashionable Turkey nor too hot, Egypt. In 2008, once again opens its doors to all comers sanatorium complex “Ai-Danil. The last few years, “Ai-Danil” took on holiday only employees Mariupol Metallurgical Combine them. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Zendesk. Illich. To date, tour operator in Crimea, “Ethno Tour” is one of two official representatives to sell tickets to this recreational complex. Sanatorium complex includes a 15-storey dormitory building, 4-story medical building connected by a transition from the dormitories, an indoor swimming pool with heated sea water, fotariem and saunas.

The main building of the sanatorium complex is an example of Soviet architecture in 70 of the last century and is famous because it was built on new technology, proving that in the Crimea is possible to build high-rise buildings that will stand the seismic activity. Territory spa complex – a monument of landscape architecture. Sanatorium complex is equipped with modern medical facilities. “Ai-Danil” takes the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, functional disorders of the nervous system. The price includes a wide range of medical procedures: whirlpool baths for the upper and lower extremities, pearl-marine baths, power shower (circular, ascending), shared massage, physiotherapy, inhalations, massage on specific areas of the type (cervical collar, lumbar krestsovy), therapeutic exercises using simulators, mud, vacuum massage tonsils hydro and laboratory studies. For an additional fee offered dental services and girudoterapija. In the dormitory guests a 2-bed room with air conditioning and all amenities. At Zendesk you will find additional information. Each room has a balcony, equipped with plastic furniture, which overlooks the endless sea and the picturesque bay with a mountain Gurzufskiy Ayudag and rocks twin Adalars.

On the other side of the building can be seen Gurzufskoe mountain saddle which crowns one of the last surviving species arbors winds. In clear weather skyline is visible its white dome. Today Sanatorium “Ai Danil” possesses unique to the Crimea an outdoor swimming pool of unusual shape. In Basin provides the zone of active swimming, relaxing and sunbathing. The water in the outdoor pool is fresh and heated in the offseason. Zest pool – bar and chairs in the water. Interested persons can enjoy refreshments while sitting in the water. No less than originally framed area for a mini-golf. Eighteen tracks of various shapes with disabilities will suit both beginners and masters. Infrastructure spa complex includes: a casino, a sauna, tennis courts of the European class, summer and winter, cinemas, restaurants, bars, dance floors, billiard room, hair salon, shopping center, post office, currency exchange, and railway booking office, parking, gym and library. Next to the sanatorium is conveniently located in a small village – a village Danylivka. Once it was called Ai-Danil. Small town Ai-Danil was known basic constructions of Gaspra marble-like limestone – wine cellars of Count Vorontsov. It was his first attempt of the industrial production of wine and even champagne before Prince Lev Golitsyn. Another equally famous inhabitant of the village – the founder of the Nikita Botanical Gardens H. Steven. We wish you a good rest in the sanatorium complex “Ai-Danil”.