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United States Coast Guard

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Paying a lot of money to drug dealers, have no problem getting rid of the loose ends and generally seem to have an adrenalin rush of illegal and deadly occupation. They can hire people to safety, combat veterans of special forces from different countries who hire themselves as soldiers of fortune to the highest bidder and drug traffickers, so not exactly short on cash. Delivery of drugs to hurricanes during the presidential debates, when all eyes and security is busy. It sounds like “Miami Vice” TV show? Well, it gets even crazier and weird as they introduce hydrofoil boats on the scene able to run our swims in the water and then just slow down and the mixture of all other multi-million dollar yachts. Now there’s a way of using underwater devices, special torpedoes dropped from aircraft well ahead of drug dealers without them knowing that not only intercept, but sink in second, not minutes, with no explosions, just instantly by disappear as lost in the Devil’s Triangle. This new concept device can be launched from anywhere in the United States Coast Guard aircraft equipment Current. It is a torpedo device with compressed methane, CO2, hydrogen, natural gas, the lands of oxygen in the water and is controlled by SGS satellite guidance system, using the latest GPS technology or the communication line of sight, or NLOS? No line of sight RF. The torpedo was removed from the aircraft to loiter near the route of the ship approaches, like art on maneuvers herself on the track and the direct path of the target.

The ship then remains about 20-40 meters below the water surface as the craft is about allowing all of the compressed gas leak at a time. The objective then falls into the open space created by the gas trying to reach the surface and falls out of a waterfall as the gas escapes to the surface of the creation of the cavity. The aim will collapse and be a total loss. The sea was closed immediately after he swallowed the ship. Deal. The torpedo-shaped devices company then ship movies remains buried under the water and floats to the surface, where an ELT? Emergency Locator Signs U.S. Coast Guard unloaded after the gas leak is depleted. The devices company also gives its location automatically by GEOSAT, who is looking for anomalies in the ocean’s surface, such as gas, the surface temperature, changes in ocean height and temperature.

The empty cargo transport fleet and expected pick-up and load following assignment, so it is not wasted. The device operates in the company, what the survivors, though not likely, can catch and wait to be arrested as soon as the transport device is ready to recovery in a few days or when ever? There is no way to escape this strategy, except to do what the RAF pilots were told to do in their fighters in World War II, never fly straight and level for more than 30 seconds. If the operator of the Hydro Skimmer is constantly changing its course, and vector path, then that will be shown on satellite and radar and laentonces be a known drug target or threat of some kind. Since only someone with something to hide that exhibit this behavior.