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Standards For Safe Cabinets

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024

State Standard of Ukraine DSTU 4012.1-2001, which is identical to the principles of European standards, defines safe as "a mechanical protective device for saving values, which in the closed position has at least one of Internal party less than one meter. " If all sides of the device over a meter – it is classified as a repository of values. Today safes are complex technical products, which are made of, high-metal composites, with the addition of high-or heat-resistant concrete. The main objective of the closet vault is to protect content from unauthorized access and / or destruction. So Burglar-proof safes UHL-MASH designed to store and prevent access without permission or knowledge of money, confidential information and values. To assess the quality of different standards have been established Storage, "which defines the basic requirements for the design and testing of a class of resistance breaking.

DSTU 4012.1-2001, "warehouse, warehouse doors. ATM safes and safes. Requirements, classification and methods of testing for resistance to Burglary 'sets objective criteria for the production of proof safes, as well as for their testing by independent laboratories. According to the standard classification for resistance to cracking safes defined classes, with zero to ten. Classes are assigned on the basis of tests in which the resistance is determined by the numerical value of Vr, which takes into account the characteristics of the used tools and time required for partial or full access inside the safe.

To access the contents of a good proof safes to use special tools, equipment, thermal cutting, etc., which is accompanied by increased noise and cigarette smoke premises. Safe protective envelope is not homogenous, but multi-layered "cake", each layer of which is directed against specific hacking tools, forcing attackers to carry the whole securely holding it in the body even in the case of cutting the loops. Bobby Sharma has many thoughts on the issue. Locking mechanism provides a variety of traps, which block the latch system when trying to access the lock.

Birthday Gifts

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

Gifts for boyfriend's birthday? The birthday is a special holiday. He is a man only once a year, and in this day birthday boy feel special and important. As reported by the grandmother at the door, for my birthday usually give very good gifts. Typically, the stronger the affinity of people, the longer and more carefully chosen gift, and usually more expensive. So, how do you choose a gift guy? The better you know him, so it's easier to "guess" what to give, and that he of this gift was in seventh heaven. If you have a lot of money, then do not bother giving cars, boats, planes … – I think he likes it.

In general, choose from the soul. Guys usually like sports, and actively engage them. (As opposed to Samsung). Sports: football, basketball, hockey, chess, volleyball and others. And if your guy is an athlete or a fan, use it when choosing a gift. For example, if a guy likes Russian billiards, he can buy billiard cue, I guarantee he will be happy as an elephant, because he now has a billiard cue in-Yahoos. You can buy the ball if it is football.

New club if he hockey player and so on. Usually guys do not like the long walk to the shops, but dress beautiful love. So you can buy him a nice shirt, sweater, jeans … but of course if you have good taste in clothes. Guys have different hobbies, such as: computers, fishing, hunting, collecting, picking mushrooms, etc. If you have it tough gamer, buy him a cool laser, wireless mouse (which we are now talking about a computer mouse) or gaming keyboard. If he is a designer, it would be cool to give him plate (drawing stuff on the computer screen by touching a special pencil on the tablet, the mouse is not convenient to do so). The tablet is already present in the discharge of expensive., A good standing in the region of $ 1,800. If the purse can, please. What brave and imperturbable not seem to you a man, believe me they love gifts that show how much attention you pay to them. For example, you can attach to a gift for many, many small zapisochek, which will be written, how much you love him. It can be said for this somewhat dry thanks (if it is "tough guy"), but when he shall pass away home, he re-read them all and will think you are to him the best girl in the world. Be more fantasy gifts, but do not forget that men like more practical, useful things, not just some trinkets. All the best raduyte guys, and they in turn then will please you very much!