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Healthy eating

Monday, January 1st, 2024

2 .- Noise Free Office Noise pollution is stressful, try to reduce noise to a minimum. If possible you can accompany with soft background music and relaxing. Music are on the market designed to foster the concentration 3 .- Make Sport sport at least three times a week, does not have to be a particular sport, or having to go to the gym, sometimes simply take the time, like walking to the office, leaving a little earlier if possible. Walking (walk under the sun gives a lot of energy). Up the stairs always forgetting the elevator trying to push a bit the thighs and buttocks.

4 .- Eat well to perform well is must be well nourished. It is important to have a complete and balanced diet. Time and adapt it to your needs but always with the quality front. Kai-Fu Lee is open to suggestions. 5 .- Reservata a sufficient time for you Just 15 minutes a day to be with yourself, either meditating with your feet up, buying a whim, a walk in the park or along the promenade of your city if there is sea, out to lunch or dinner one day a week with your friends. You deserve it! c 6 .- Take advantage of this, forget the past.

Forget the past and live the present, because of what you do this depends on your future, however the past and does not return. No good torturing of things that could be and were not, leave them parked as much out about learning, but nothing more. 7 .- Think positive. Positive mental attitude. Positivity helps you be better to perform better and all the events you can get the good side. Even in situations you do not like, in the worst case you will always learning and for free (you know how expensive is the training today). Also, if you take a negative situation learning that saves you time, effort and suffering in the future, this situation will be negatively transforming yourself into a blessing. If you faithfully follow these seven keys I gave you, I guarantee you’ll have better quality of life. This quality of life will result in greater effectiveness in your business that ultimately will result in you’ll be closer to that success without much effort and also with your health intact.

Making Money And Mentality

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

Many people agree on the importance of a way to think about getting money and in general for different things in life, but also to clarify that these are merely ways of thinking has no scientific basis, but rather only patterns of conduct being established and are related to all the people who manage to have money. In other words, all people who have money they share something in common: their way of thinking, these people have eliminated those barriers that prevent them from unknowingly earn the money needed to maintain an adequate living without economic contrasts. For example also, many times we found people who have difficulty relating to others and even to get intimate, good-looking people who can not find even a lack of trust, however, also people who do not seem to be anything special and enjoy good relationships.

Anyway, all this is an issue that need to be treated carefully, the winners, unconsciously taking certain kinds of ways of thinking, behavior patterns and different definitions of what is money, work and way to go. Here it is important to emphasize that although as I said earlier, there is no scientific explanation that is interested in giving more accurate answers, the truth is that modern psychology has been discovering many things they do say what I say, that the mentality has much to do with the things you will obtain in life. So what to do? For this there are different forms of support and self-help, such as who can provide the necessary to achieve the objectives, personal growth books, lectures, talks, blogs and even help through a professional psychologist.